Kapur Guest House, New Delhi

Kapur Guest House

Kapur Guest House, New Delhi

The Neighborhood

Located in a peaceful part of South Delhi, on a street lined with tall, green trees, Kapur Guest House welcomes its guests with a smile. I am truly impressed with the location of this budget hotel, its neighboring houses carrying signs on their gates, informing passersby of who lives in them: there are a few advocates, a couple of supreme court judges, and a physician.

We are warmly received at the reception by a lady, whose name, unfortunately, I no longer recall. Our passports are scanned, and details entered into a huge logbook, where we also write the purpose of our visit to the city, and sign our names towards the end. It’s required by the law to give all these information.

What I immediately love about the place is that it feels you have walked into someone’s home. The reception and waiting areas have big windows through which sunlight pours in abundantly.

Kapur Guest House, waiting area

The Room

The room is quite big and spacious, something we weren’t expecting before coming in.  Everything is nice and clean. There’s a wooden closet with ample space, a mini-refrigerator, flat screen TV, dressing table, etc. There’s also a mosquito-repellent that you can plug-in (it smelled like flowers when we turned it on); not that there are any mosquitoes in the room, I accidentally turn the switch on, thinking it is the switch to the bathroom’s light.

Kapur guest house, bedroom


This is my view outside the bedroom window…

kapur guest house, outside the bedroom window

I see a couple of chipmunks running around earlier during the day, and a family of five sitting on a bench later in the afternoon. I also notice people hang their clothes to dry on the fences. As I stand there looking outside the window, I am suddenly transported back to Karachi. By the time I draw the curtains and walk back towards the bed, I tell Masood, “Let’s buy a house here.”

The Bathroom

kapur guest house, bathroom

The bathroom is OK, with hot and cold water available. But when I turn the shower on, water is sprayed everywhere. I forget to remind them to fix it. I appreciate that they provide us with a couple of clean towels, rolls of toilet paper, small bars of soap, and shampoo sachets.

The Food

bread omelette

We order a vegetarian lunch, and breakfast the next day. Food is good, alhumdulillah, although I believe they can work on improving its presentation. I like how they include a big bottle of mineral water with each meal. Tea is bland. I have yet to drink a cup of decent tea in Delhi.

The Staff

Everyone at Kapur Guest House is attentive, polite and friendly.

I like the hotel because…

  • it is close to important places in Delhi like South Extension Market, Connaught Place, Central Market-Lajpat Nagar, Ansal Plaza, Select Citywalk Mall, etc.
  • it is located in a very decent and safe neighborhood.
  • the staff is really friendly and  is considerate enough to give us a flexible checkout time.
  • wireless internet connection.
  • it feels like home—peaceful and clean.

I do not like the hotel because…

  • can’t think of any other reason, except that they did not give us a discount at all.

Overall, I highly recommend this hotel.

Kapur Guest House website

Disclaimer: All photographs are taken by and belong to the blog author. This post is *not* a paid advertisement. I’m sure the hotel management doesn’t even remember me now.


    1. Mezba, after the Qasr al Sarab experience, I doubt I’d ever fully enjoy another tub ever again. Besides, I think only 5-star hotels have tubs here. Like the luxury palace hotels in Rajasthan, for instance? You should know 😉

  1. Lols poor guest house people… They didnt know they had a free lance travel journalist as guest that day 🙂

  2. hello, nadia! thanks for dropping by over at our place. 🙂

    the kapur guest house looks warm and comfy alright. looks like i could live there, too, haha. but the toast looks burnt and the omelette looks like gulaman, haha!

    i like it that the place is shady and full of trees. the yard looks restful. btw, do you need somebody to carry your and masood’s stuff during your travels? hehe… i could be your porter, ahaha.

    maulan dito as in, maulan… 🙂

    1. Hello, San!

      LOL @ the omelette looking like gulaman! Like I said, they need to work on the food presentation.

      We don’t need a porter, but we’d love to have you anytime 🙂

      Maulan din dito sa Hyderabad, pero iba pa rin ang ulan sa Pinas…nakakasawa 🙁

  3. thanks, nadia! hi,hi, kailangan kong mag-ipon. ang dami nyong pinupuntahan, e… kasama ang india sa list ng countries i must see before i die, ahaha! 🙂

    gusto ko ang tag-ulan. i like the surroundings after the rain – washed streets, lush trees and children sprinting out of their houses, hahaha! it could be inconvenient at times – nababasa ang shoes at ang laylayan ng pants and it’s hard to get a ride, of course… but then, i love the rain, so what the hey! 🙂

    1. I admire you for loving the rain. I was once an intern at Jose Reyes Memorial Hospital and I used to get my ride at Recto. Grabe. I still have nightmares of the rainy season 😀

      At sa loob ng jeepney, some people are inconsiderate; their umbrella’s tip drips on your clothes.

      At siya nga pala, you can’t just hang your clothes to dry outdoors and have peace of mind 😀

      1. i see what you’re trying to get at, nadia dear. the dorotheo jose-recto area is really some kind of, what the brits would say as, a dreary place, haha. and to think of those places during the rainy season…

        but recto is one of my fave places in ncr. it has character, i think… one time, i even wote an essay about it. 🙂

        btw, it’s the first time i heard you gripe or comment on the third world nature of what it’s like living in ncr, ahaha… i have posts of/with the same tune. nightmare, ha? 🙂 nightmarish talaga?…

        i love the rain better in the province, btw… 🙂

        1. I agree, San. The Recto area does have its unique character and feel. I’d say you haven’t been to Manila if you haven’t set foot in Recto and Quiapo areas 😀

  4. The hotel looks quite good! and the food..what is that besides the sandwiches? Thosai?..looks colourful. As usual your pics are so good!!

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