Malai Kofta that Melts in Your Mouth

Very delicate, rich and creamy—that’s what a Malai Kofta is. It is the ultimate seductress; gently tempting your taste buds to give in to the wonderful bursts of flavors. It is a Mughlai dish, served to kings and queens during special occasions hundreds of years ago. And it’s the dish that Masood and I would often order at Indian or Pakistani restaurants.  Oh, and it’s also the dish that I thought was too complicated for me to cook at home. How wrong I’d been!

And since I love you all, I will share with you our lunch today.

It all started with these gorgeous balls of flavors…

Cottage cheese, potatoes, green beans, carrots, peas, and coriander leaves are gently folded, and shaped with love into small balls. I left them out like that for a few minutes to bask in the sunshine and enjoy fresh air. You need to show these things how much you care for them.

But just as you notice that they’re having way too much fun, drop them—gently—one by one in a pan with hot oil, and deep-fry until golden. They’ll thank you for that lovely tan.


Then you immerse them tenderly in rich gravy that contains all the wonderful flavors of blended tomatoes, cumin, turmeric, coriander, cashew nuts, and fresh cream.  The koftas are so soft that you need to handle them with utmost care as you sprinkle chopped coriander leaves just before serving them hot with nan or home-made chapatti.

Then prepare yourself to receive compliments for a job well done.

There are several Malai Kofta recipes available online. Some only add cottage cheese, potatoes, cashew nuts, and raisins. I don’t like my curries to be sweet, so I purposely avoided the raisins. Some bake the koftas instead of deep frying them. Some do not use tomatoes in the gravy. After going through  several recipes, I liked the one that added vegetables in the kofta and used tomatoes in the gravy.  I followed the exact recipe shown in this video.


Preparation of the ingredients takes forever. You need to start early if you’re cooking alone, but better get someone to assist you. By the time I was finished cooking, the kitchen sink was filled with utensils and plates to be washed, and I was left with no energy to cook chapati, so we ordered nan from a nearby restaurant. Lunch was served at 5pm! (which is why I didn’t have time for a creative photo shoot)


  1. That’s it. I am not coming back to your blog ever again. i hate you and I hate you with the capital H for making me go mad for this recipe. Ab raat ke 3 baje mai kese banaongi ye , mehekte behekte malai narm narm koftay Hainn? 🙁 Gandi ho tum Nadia!

    1. :O hain? To kisney kaha tha ke raat 3 bajey blogs parho? Acha theek hai, next time I will post someone scary (horror type waala post) 😀

  2. Oh…….gosh Nadia!!! I am literally drooling over this post! All I can process is potatoes + cheese + peas + deep fried + spicy + creamy + gravy …..I am in food heaven!

    1. We are actually trying to cut back on red meat, Tien. But I love meatballs, so I thought I’d make the vegetarian version of it. It really came out excellent on the first attempt. You should try it yourself.

  3. Although I feel you are a little cruel to post something so yummy that I can only see and not taste, I still don’t hate you. Can I have Pervisha’s share…? LOL…!!!

  4. Oh my goodness what tantalizing photographs! I’m practically drooling here!! You’re making me crave!! 😛 hehe… And no you don’t need a creative photo shots.. these are seductive enough!

  5. wOw … looks yummy !! Lunch at 5pm … but i’m sure those delicious malai kofta would have made up for that late lunch. i too love malai kofta – can’t say much – as i’m in the process to lose some weight 🙂

    1. Hello, Sharmila!

      Yep, lunch was that late. Preparation took a lot of time, but yeah, it was definitely worth the wait and effort 🙂

  6. Wow! All this show of love is overwhelming me 😀 Loved the way you expressed it,letting them bask in the sunshine and enjoy the fresh air..that’s so wonderful..full of love! And so much of work that lucnh was at 5pm?! Woah!! It really looks yummy!

    Really enjoyed this post and thank you so much for loving us all!

  7. Nadia, do you know that pregnant women have this “license to eat”???

    Unlimited access, flexible time, various choices…. No one can stop us preggies!

    Yet, all I can do here is to stare at these yummy Malai Kofta wondering who on earth is willing to prepare them for me… uhuk! uhuk! This is not fair! I wish I was there with you everytime you prepared something delicious….

    Oh! By the way, just to inform you, I am already in my 33rd week! So anxious to proceed with the remaining weeks…Time sure flies so fast…

    1. You are so funny, Atie 😀 Yeah, I do wish we lived nearby. I would love to share the food.

      33rd week already! MashaAllah. That little one will be in college in no time at all 😉

  8. Oh Nadiaaa Bajii meku cooking karna hai but ammi nai bol rahi hai coz I’ve to study for my major major exam. And you post such yummmmy recipes that a person like me who stays miles away from the kitchen, now wants to enter the kitchen but ammi ji is not allowing me. If it were any other time ammi would have showered her duas on you. I’m sure she will when I try maing them after my exam. Take care. 🙂

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