Malaysia’s food scene during Ramadan

Muslims spend the daylight hours fasting during the holy month of Ramadan, which basically means no food or water, so it makes sense that the food awaiting us at iftar (the end-of-day breaking of the fast) should be good, hearty, and traditional food that warms the soul and rewards us after our day of abstinence.

And because of this idea that Muslims aren’t eating during the day for an entire month, you may think that during Ramadan food is hard to come by, the truth is actually the opposite; after a day of fasting the first thing on the minds of the locals is food, and the food scene comes alive every night!

Chris Wotton, in his article on why Ramadan is the ultimate time to eat around Malaysia, writes: While the usual amount of street food might be impressive in itself, at Ramadan whole new bazaars set up, lining the street and offering every type of food imaginable, from light snacks to more fulfilling meals. When it is nearly time to break the fast, people begin to crowd around the stalls, snapping up anything – and everything – that catches their eye and takes their fancy, to take back home for a communal meal. Heading away with bag after bag filled to the brim with delicious, authentically Malaysian goodies is one ritual in which you too should be an active participant.

Picture taken by Chris Wotton.

What’s the food scene like in your place during Ramadan?

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  1. No worries. I’ll take you to a better place (compared to the above in the pic) where you’ll find it very very very difficult to decide what to eat and wish you have bigger ‘compartment’ so you can taste them all. And later you’ll find it is difficult even to stand straight…!

    I am very mean, you know….

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