My Aunt And The Amateur Burglar

A couple of weeks before the Eid celebrations, I had this Yahoo Messenger conversation with my aunt, who lives in Karachi.

Me: Assalam o Alaikum, Phupo. How are you?

Aunt: Walaikum Assalam, beta. I’m doing good, Alhumdulillah. How is everyone there? How’s Masood?

Me: Allah ka shuker hai, we’re all fine. How’s the Eid preparations coming along?

Aunt: I’m going to the tailor today to get the dresses. I was supposed to get them yesterday, but because of the burglar, all my plans are ruined.

Me: Burglar?!

Aunt: You know, guys breaking into homes. What are you wearing on Eid?

Me: When did this happen?! What time?

Aunt: Just as we finished suhoor and prayers, around 5:30 am. That reminds me, prices of all the food commodities are sky rocketing.

Me: But how? Is everyone safe? Was he able to take anything with him?

Aunt: Your uncle was in the living room when I went in to sleep. He had to go somewhere, so I just told him to close the gate.

*2-minute silence*

Me (impatiently): Then?

Aunt: Well, a few minutes later, I heard footsteps. I ignored them, thinking it could still be your uncle. I just took my medications and was feeling very sleepy. Can’t you guys come here for Eid?

Me: Did he enter your room?

Aunt: No. Your uncle forgot his wallet, so he returned home after driving for just a couple of blocks. He came in and saw this young man looking around in our living room.

Me: And you were sleeping?

Aunt: I was half-asleep, until I heard voices and sound of something breaking. When I went out to the living room, your uncle was beating this poor boy.

Me: You’re feeling sorry for this burglar?!

Aunt: Of course, he was so thin. I’m sure he’s suffering so much and this prompted him to steal.

Me: You’re lucky that he was just an amateur. He didn’t know how to get away, or did he?

Aunt: No, your uncle dragged him all the way to the police station. Bechara, the police must have beaten him too. He kept apologising though. I feel sorry for our younger generation growing up in poverty.

Me: Thank God, at least you’re safe!

Aunt: Well, he didn’t seem strong enough to cause us any harm.

Me: *speechless*

Aunt: Ok, beta, I have to go prepare iftari. You take good care of yourself and Masood.

Is theft and burglary so common already that people have started taking it so casually?


  1. Yep, I think theft, robbery and even bomb blasts are so common now a days that if anything happens back in our countries, then we get tense from here and immediately call our folks with anxiety, and are surprised to find them least bothered.

    ~ *sigh*

  2. wow .. I remember once we caught a burgler in Bangladesh we were so shocked (as we lived in an affluent part of Dhaka – Bonani – and it was not that common there).

    Then we told this story to like everyone and they were like what are you talking about it’s so common be glad you guys caught him 🙁

    ~ So you have had a similar experience.

    People back home laugh at the way we over react 🙁

  3. Hmm that’s the thing na so much is happening that everything seems so choti baat. We had armed robbers at our house and well they did take everything and left us without hurting anyone.. so that was luck. But hota hei sis hota hei

    ~ Armed robbers! Now that’s something we really should be scared about. Not because of the stuff they steal away, but because of the lives they can endanger.

    I’ve heard Masood tell me about your experience with these robbers. I’m glad no one got hurt.

    And yes, perhaps for a lot of people, it is choti baat already 🙁

  4. first just excuse me but i hv to do this LOL
    love ur cool phopo..i mean she was interested in talking to about other stuff :p

    and as for ur question…well of course it isnt choti see baat…i think ur phopo was just being sympathetic coz the thief was just a kid, a teenager…otherwise robberies are so scary with guns and threats and all …May Allah protect us all .ameen

    ~ Yes, Phupo was indeed way too cool about this. She was more interested to know what I’m going to wear on Eid, rather than narrate her boring burglar story 😀

    Ameen to you dua.

  5. That’s probably the funniest conversation i have ever read!

    ~ Well, thank you, Abid! But of course, I can’t take the credit. I wasn’t the “funny” one in this conversation 😀

  6. Sad & scary. I don’t know of anyone there who has not had at least one experience of getting mugged or burgled.
    Living in the UAE, we take personal safety & security as a given.

    ~ Sach, it is very much common. Almost everyone has a tale to share.

    But I do appreciate the security here in the U.A.E. I just love the feeling that I can walk in the streets without worrying about someone snatching my bag or cellphone 🙂

  7. Such is the condition of economy in Pakistan that the gap between the poor and the rich is fast increasing hence cropping up of a huge number of burglars and beggers. Without a just ecnomic system we cannot even think about eradicating a social nuisance like burglary.
    May Allah have mercy upon us! Amen!

    ~ Ameen to your dua.

  8. waah , such an interesting & funny conversation u had hehe ..
    feeling pity on the burglar 🙁

    ~ Ohho, even you?! I thought it was only my phupo who could pity a burglar. Times have changed. 😀

  9. When I visited Pakistan after 9 years earlier this year, I was held at gun point in my own home. Kinda puts me off going back, but I’ve heard similar stories in Pakistan so it doesn’t surprise people at all.

    That must be so scary! What’s more scary is that people back home don’t find these things scary at all.

  10. lol. A question about sugar crisis in pakistan was aksed to our sitting ministers, they said “Stop Using Sugar” that’s how we can overcome.

    so if you ask the same question to our GOVT officials
    Is theft and burglary so common already that people have started taking it so casually?

    They will definitely say make habit of it.

    so i think your aunt was right, instead of blaming on poor guy, blame should go to somewhere else…

    lol at the “stop using sugar” solution to the problem!

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