Nature’s Art Along Chicago’s Lakefront


It snowed most of the time when we visited Chicago—this was last week and three days weren’t enough!—so when the sun finally decided to shine we literally rushed outdoors to take pictures.

Our host and my cousin, Rashid, showed us around the city and we’re forever grateful for his hospitality and warm car. It’s funny because it was -6°C when we first arrived in the city and when the sun shone, the temperature rose to 2°C. So when Rashid bhai asked us how we’re doing that sunny morning, we replied, quite excitedly, “Oh, it’s a beautiful day today!” He laughed because we—folks from the United Arab Emirates who don our spring jackets as soon as the temperature drops to 18°C—would think that it is a beautiful weather at 2°C. “And that is because you guys have felt what it’s like at -6°C”, he said.

Nature’s art – this pretty icicles formation:


Icicles typically form on days when the outdoor air temperature is subfreezing but sunshine warms and melts some snow or ice. As it drips off, water droplet freezes when it loses its heat to the cold air.


According to Stephen Morris, a professor of physics at the University of Toronto, the first thing to appreciate about icicles is that while they are a natural phenomenon, they are not easily found in nature. This is because icicles require two things: an atmosphere that enables the existence of water, and the right conditions where that water is dripping, and can be coaxed to transfer enough heat into the air to freeze.



It was so tempting to break it off, but we left it alone so others can see and appreciate the beautiful icicles while they last.


I went to Chicago without any expectations, but I fell in love with the city’s architecture and vibe. First impression: Gotham City!





    1. Yes, ‘liya, it does look like a hanging necklace! No plans for Toronto because we didn’t reapply for Canadian visa after the first attempt went unsuccessful.

  1. Great pictures, Nadia! I loved how short this post was, and very pleasing for the eyes.
    I have read that chicago river is the only river in the world that flows backward. That’s something cool I believe. The architecture is very impressive, too. I agree with you. Its a fine Gotham City! 🙂

    1. Thank you, Khanum! I’m glad you enjoyed this post. Chalo, now I’ve decided to publish short blog posts only 😀

      I didn’t know about the Chicago river flowing backward, but that’s pretty interesting! I’ll have to look that up. What I know is that when I first saw the lake, it was extremely windy outside so that there were huge waves and I thought it was the sea and that Rashid bhai was joking about it being a lake 🙂

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