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Personalized Flats

I took this picture while sitting in a taxi, waiting for our turn at a gas station.

This building – called Nazir Palace – was built in 1919.  It’s written at the main entrance, hidden behind the tree trunk and sign board.  This is one of the several other old buildings here in Mumbai.  I find them all very fascinating.  Sadly, a lot of these buildings are in a pathetic state, waiting badly to be renovated.   The Nazir Palace is one of them.

Obviously it’s a residential building, and people have taken it to themselves to personalize their own flats by painting it with colors of their choice.   So I’m assuming that if one of the residents of that building tries to explain his or her flat to a new friend,  he or she will surely add, “Oh, you’ll recognize my flat;  it’s the pink one with matching towels hanging over the balcony.”


  1. “Oh, you’ll recognize my flat; it’s the pink one with matching towels hanging over the balcony.” –

    Pretty much everyone recognizes their home with such descriptions…. 🙂

    The funniest ever I came across though was, “Mera ghar Banjara Hills Road number 9 pe hai… wo road pe aane ke baad..first right lo…then aagay ek aam (mango) ka jhad hai… wahan se left… phir ek choti galli aati, wahan ek jaam (guava) ka jhad hai..wahan se left nahi lena.. uske baad waali galli main left lelo… teesra makaan hai.. bahar ek zung (rust) khaari ek scooter… wohich ghar hai..”

    LOOOOOL … that is too funny! 😀

  2. LOOOOOOOL … yeah it’s like that unfortunately … 😀

    They don’t think about the building as a “whole”; it’s like, “I’ll paint my portion and you paint yours.”

  3. The building is so pretty though and has its own unique character.

    But even now since streets and house numbers have been assigned in UAE we still have to say 2 streets behind so-and-so supermarket, the house with the blue gate and 4 date trees in front not the house with the blue gate and 6 date trees. LOL

    LOL … that’s because street names/numbers in the UAE is so hard to remember. I’d rather remember supermarkets and malls as reference … and date trees 😀

  4. haha reminds of addresses in Bangladesh with names like Bhooter Goli (Ghost Lane) because some of the houses are painted off white!

    Haha … that is interesting 😀

  5. There’s a lot of beautiful old buildings in that part of the world, but they are dilapidated 🙁

    Love the pink balcony and yellow window shutters – funky 😀

    Yeah, these buildings should be restored. But they’d need a huge budget.

  6. The pink towels are the icing on the cake, LOL!!!

    The building looks beautiful. I so wish they hadn’t gone all gaudy with the paint and added balconies; it would’ve looked very regal.

    Oh yes, I was trying to imagine how this building would’ve looked like when it was newly constructed. I wonder what its architect will think about the “new” look, had he been alive.

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