Pictures From My First Ever Photography Seminar!


Earlier today, my sisters and I attended a one-day photography seminar organized by the Adamson University Alumni Association, U.A.E. chapter.  This seminar was organized as part of the association’s fund-raising activity for the deserving students of Adamson University in Manila, Philippines.  I’ve been taking pictures on and off with my Nikon for almost a year now but haven’t really attended any photography workshops, so I found this a good opportunity to learn from a professional.

This was a basic photography seminar, so most of the attendees were very new with digital SLR photography.  In fact, some of them haven’t even shot anything beyond the ‘auto’ mode.  In the beginning my sisters and I thought that we’d get bored quickly, but since we already know a lot of basic stuff, we ended up asking tons of questions!  The lecturer, Mr. Luis Portugal, was very good (and patient) in answering all our questions.  Not only did I learn a few more techniques today, but I also became comfortable shooting in ‘manual’ mode!

The seminar started at eight in the morning and lasted well until five in the afternoon.  The venue was the Flora Creek Hotel in Deira, and they spread out the most delicious buffet for lunch!  Food was really good, and there were so many dishes and desserts to choose from.  And there were lots of snack options too.  All inclusive in the AED 150 fee! Plus, we all got a certificate towards the end.


  1. Nice picture of that cake! Ah food in Dubai was so free and the portions so generous with these courses.

    I still see many DSLR people shoot in auto – that’s almost defeating the purpose of a powerful DSLR innit!

    1. Mezba, the day I leave the U.A.E. for good, food is the one thing I will truly miss.

      And yes, shooting in auto with a digital SLR is a crime, and hence should be considered illegal.

  2. loved the shots of the food in the platters and the empty one shows how delicious they must be .. lolz…

    1. Joveria, we did end up licking our platters clean! 😀

      I rarely get to eat seafood at home, so I mainly feasted on those and it was pure bliss.

  3. I think you could probably lead something like this with all of your photography skills even prior to class! Have you ever thought about leading seminars?

    1. ‘liya, thank you so much! 🙂

      I have very little knowledge about photography. I need professional lessons and certifications. AND most importantly, I need to work a lot more to improve my photography. I still haven’t taken my first 10,000 shots.

    1. LavendarClouds, I had both Photoshop and GIMP installed in my laptop the day I brought my digital SLR home. However, it felt like so much work. I tried playing around these software a bit, but since I don’t know the controls well, I got bored and tired easily.

      But that doesn’t mean that I don’t post-process my pictures. I do. I use Picasa and iPhoto extensively. My post-processing mainly involves cropping and adding a watermark. And sometimes, when I get the exposure or white balance wrong when shooting, so I correct that in Picasa too.

    1. refinehere, thank you!

      Yes, I edited most of the pictures posted above. I cropped most of them, increased the saturation a bit on the ice cream picture, and then gave one of the shots a sepia touch.

  4. The pics are supergood! And it’s making me hungry! 🙂
    I’m glad you enjoyed yourself at the seminar and learnt more on photography.It definitely is a great hobby and profession.

    Are you dealing with any photoshoot in your current workforce? If not then this is a good investment.

    1. Lat, thank you!

      It is an amazing hobby, where one gets to see the fruits of his/her labor instantly. However, it is very expensive too, specially if one gets into the digital SLR craze.

      I am not qualified to shoot professionally, but I intend to get there someday, inshaAllah.

  5. It must have felt great to attend a seminar about something you like doing. And I can really put my eyes off the cake and the Ice-cream :-P. Nice pictures (Y).

    1. Haris, it felt amazing! I’ve been wanting to attend a photography-related seminar/workshop since last year, but it just costs so much here in the U.A.E. So when this opportunity came, my sisters and I just grabbed it!

  6. Assalamualaikum, sis Nadia.

    I am sooooo in love with your pics, sis!

    Perhaps I should persuade my hubby to buy me a good camera. Then you can be my teacher! 🙂

    Have a nice day, sis. May Allah always protect a lovely lady like you from bad & evil things.

    1. Walaikum Assalam, sis Atie!

      Ameen to your dua. You are so sweet, mashaAllah.

      The moment you bring home your new camera, let me know. I’d love to teach you whatever I know about photography, inshaAllah.

      Have a blessed day!

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