Pretty, Handmade Hijab Brooches



“A package has arrived for you,” said Masood when he called me from work. “It’s from your friend Nisa in Singapore.”

“REALLY?! Nisa sent me a package? Well, what does it contain?”

“Um, I’m not sure. You’ll have to find out later yourself…oh wait, it says scarves on the customs declaration sticker.”

“Open it up, quick!”


*long silence from Masood, but I could hear him opening the package*


“Um, let’s see…there are a couple of scarves; some small, girly, flowery things, and a note.”

“What flowery things?”

“Maybe something to attach to your scarf.”

Jaldi se take a picture and email me!”

“No, you’ll have to wait until later tonight.”

And so wait I did. And it wasn’t easy. But definitely worth it!



I love the scarves; they’re my favorite colors, and I love the handmade brooches even more! And I have already decided where to wear them first. There’s also a small handwritten note peeking out between the scarves. I love handwritten notes.



Aren’t they adorable?

And you know what, I haven’t even met Nisa in person. We got to know each other through our blogs. I don’t remember who visited whose blog first but the friendship started back when my (wordpress.com) blog had only a handful of posts.

She makes a variety of these brooches in gorgeous print, patterns and colors. The ones she sent me are made of fabric, but she also makes brooches from beads. If you’re interested, I suppose you can place an order with Nisa by leaving a comment on her blog. I’ve seen her work on Facebook and they are all so pretty!

Nisa, thank you so much. This was such a beautiful surprise!

Disclaimer: I have not, in any way, been asked, paid, forced, or threatened verbally or physically by Nisa to write this post or advertise the brooches. But considering how much I loved these cute little things, I knew I had to share them with you.


  1. Aren’t they the cutest??!! hehe the rest of us were grabbing our favourites too when Nisa brought them to one of our gatherings!! She is amazing with her hands and abundance of creativity up her sleeves! 🙂 hehe and no she didn’t threatenened me in any manner too… lol 😉

    1. Ha ha! You are so funny, Mrs. Umer! Yes, I am pretty sure Nisa hasn’t threatened you 😀

      And yes, she is indeed creative and skilled to bring that creativeness alive, mashaAllah.

  2. The brooches look so cute! And the scarves are such a sweet colour! Those are wonderful gifts from Nisa and they are even handmade.I’m impressed!

    1. It is, Specs!

      I’d been thinking…the day I became creative (and actually accomplish to finish something pretty) I’d probably host a giveaway on this blog 😀

    1. Nisa is a multi-talented person. I often think, how does she manages everything (she used to work full time not so long ago and still manages to unleash her creative powers and look after her son and husband)? And most importantly, she’s very kind and sweet, mashaAllah.

  3. Awww, I’m even more touched that u like those stuff! In any case, I love surprising ppl 😛

    I wanted to send you the kind of scarves that I love cuz u once commented on my fb pics that my scarves are always in place 😀 I hope u give them a good wash, the market smell was still lingering on them when i was packing! lolz

    I love ur disclaimer the most ROTFL

    1. Nisa! The moment I laid eyes on that purple scarf, I am immediately reminded about that comment I made on FB! Of course, I still need to figure out how to neatly arrange the scarf and, more importantly, keep it in place 😀

      I have a different way of wrapping my scarves, so this might need some practicing.

      Now why would I wash the market smell right away? Can’t I enjoy the smell of Singapore for a few days? 😀

  4. Oh yah, I just realised i now have a special post on me and me alone on ur blog!!! YAY!!
    Thank u everyone for the kind words. Sharing lovable stuff with loved ones is kind of spreading the love right! 😉

    1. You are definitely doing your share of spreading the love! I really want to send something to you too, but I still haven’t figured out what it would be (but I hope it doesn’t take too long) 😀

  5. That is so nice of Nisa! Those brooches are really pretty! Nisa’s so talented, I love how the buttons go so well with polka-dot ribbons 🙂 The colour of the scarves are beautiful too! Awwww, you must be soooo happy 😉

  6. Oh I LOVE them! The scarves seem like cotton and so I think it will stay in place…just despise the silk ones. And the brooches…they are soo cute, never seen any like it. You’re lucky to have such a thoughtful friend. 🙂

    1. Hello Alisha!

      I don’t know much about fabric, but I think these scarves are a mix of cotton and something else, but not silk. I do have a couple of silk scarves and I know what you mean! I tried the purple one on last night over an under-scarf and it sat nicely 🙂

    1. Hello, dpsa!

      Oh, she truly is thoughtful! We haven’t ‘met’ yet, but we’ve been constantly in touch through our blogs and Facebook pages. Today it feels like I’ve known her forever.

    1. No, I haven’t worn them yet, Smiley. I told Masood I need a new dress to go with the new brooches 😀

      Regarding the disclaimer … I thought it was necessary to make things transparent around here 😉

  7. so cute!…the scarves are so pretty and the button flowers were adorable!… do you and your friend exchange presents often over mail??

    1. Hello eva626! No, we don’t exchange presents. This was the first time she sent me a present (it was a complete surprise) and I was really touched by her kind and sweet gesture. However, I am planning to send her something too (sshh! it’s a surprise for her) 😀

    1. Walaikum Assalam, Zaira. Nisa is indeed creative, mashaAllah. I have used the brooches a couple of times already, but had forgotten to take pictures. Will try to take photographs next time, inshaAllah 🙂

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