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Random Pictures from My New Home

“Thursday could be the coldest sunny day in the UAE this winter,” says The National Centre of Meteorology and Seismology, “A strong current of Shamal is expected to hit the Arabian Gulf, making the sea rough and forcing the mercury to fall across the country on Wednesday evening. We advise fishermen and small vessels to stay on shore. Motorists must exercise caution as the horizontal visibility will drop.”

Then someone leaves this comment below that article, “Dear GN (Gulf News, our local paper)! It is not “unstable weather”. It is called PLEASANT weather. We are blessed to have this weather pattern. Instead of stating this news in a complaining way, try to present it in a thankful way.”

Al Mamzar Dubai
View from my bedroom as well as the kitchen.

You see, we have a very long summer here in the desert each year so whenever the temperature drops to 18ºC and the wind gets cold enough to make us wear our spring jackets and sweaters, we welcome the chilly breeze with open windows and doors. Hence the reason for that slightly irritated comment from a resident. The weather might be unstable for fishermen, but the rest of us are enjoying every single moment.

living room curtains
A portion of the living room curtains.

The wind was the strongest today, however. I would normally throw all the windows and the sliding door to the balcony open the moment I get out of bed each morning, but I couldn’t stand the wind today; it was just too strong and cold. I had to close the kitchen window whilst doing the dishes because the wind has blown my hair all over my face.

shoe rack
Fruit basket from Home Centre and Red Bus from Daiso (love this store!)

Masood and I moved to a new apartment in January. We now live on the 18th floor of a newly constructed building that faces the Persian Gulf. It was one of my requirements that we should be the first tenants of the building. But I couldn’t blog until today because we did not get the internet connection until two weeks ago. It would drizzle whenever our service provider would schedule to come, and then he’d call to say he couldn’t make it due to bad weather.

MacBook Pro
Masood working on the dining table.

Except for my favorite dark brown leather sofa, we did not bring any furniture from the previous apartment. We didn’t have a gas range when we moved here and had to eat takeout for two weeks. That’s the thing here in the U.A.E., you will rarely find a furnished apartment. A handful of those that are furnished (which means you’ll get a fridge, gas range, a washing machine, and built-in wardrobes) are way above our budget. So yeah, we moved into a completely bare apartment.

colorful cushions

toy train

That’s the wooden toy train we bought at Mount Washington. It now rests on my white dressing table, or vanity, whatever you call it. Speaking of which, I finally have the white bedroom set that I had longed for since forever.

We also had Sophia’s paintings framed in white, and it looks so much prettier now!


sophia's paintings


burj al arab painting

Awkward photograph, but you get the point. It would have looked much better had I taken the photograph from the front, but then the bed would come into the frame, and I didn’t want that because the sheets are crumpled, haha. Anyway, these pretty white frames are from IKEA and that is my bedroom wall painted in a color called duck egg. The rest of the walls are still bare and sad. We need to hang something in the living room but Sophia is too busy to paint these days.

books on the dressing table

That is my version of the Burj Khalifa. I have no proper place to store these books yet so on they go, piled up high and tall on the dressing table. Most of these books were bought from this awesome used-books store in Hyderabad that I make sure to visit each time I am in India. I should probably feature that bookstore during my next trip to Hyderabad.

peace lily
Spath or Peace Lily. Or Spathiphyllum cochlearispathum, if you’re interested in scientific names.

I bought this Peace Lily from IKEA as well. I love this plant because it’s known to purify the air by breaking down and neutralizing toxic gases like formaldehyde and carbon monoxide inside its pores.

Another reason why I absolutely love this plant is because it requires minimum care and attention. One of the great advantages in caring for the Peace Lily is the fact that it sags a bit when it needs water. So it actually lets you know when it’s thirsty!


Masood only had three requirements when we were searching for a new apartment: masjid should be close by, good security, and covered car parking. We now hear the call to prayers from three different masjids and we can not be any happier. Masood now gets to join the Fajr congregation each morning, and I am so proud of him!

I think this post has gotten somewhat personal, something which I haven’t done in a very long time. But after writing about travel, food, and reviews for so long, it feels good to share a little bit about my private life.

Also, I hope to get back to posting recipes soon! I’ve been receiving so many requests from you (love your emails! thank you so much!). In the meantime, I need to go grocery shopping for I’m hosting dinner at home for our friends tomorrow.

Al Mamzar Dubai


  1. Congrats! The view looks awesome. Do post some pictures of the apartment when you are all done with the decor. 🙂

  2. Nice blog. I enjoyed reading it. I’m in Hyderabad at this time, and do let me know if you come this side. It’ll be nice to meet you in person.

  3. The view is so beautiful! 🙂 I love the simple decorations you have so far. Lol at the Burj Khalifa of books…When we were in Pakistan last, my sister would always buy these used books from some-Urdu-used-book-place-general-name-I’m-forgetting, but I think she left them all in Pakistan. 🙂

    Kindda jealous of your beautiful weather! :p We’ve had more snow and cold temperatures this season than we’ve had in years….I can’t wait for breezy, sunny, WARM weather where I can see the grass/roads! haha

    Also, while your writing is impeccable in travel/recipe/review posts, I really enjoyed the personal post 🙂

    1. Aww, thank you so much, Maria!

      I love used-book stores – there’s something about the informal atmosphere, the pre-loved books that would sometimes contain handwritten names, phone numbers or special notes, the way these books are piled up, the dusty covers of some of the really old books…

      Oh, and it will be my turn to be jealous of your weather once our summer starts 🙂

  4. Mabroooook Nadia Baji 😀
    The view’s beautiful. 🙂
    Aaah white bedroom set. I remember as a kid I wanted a white bedroom set for myself and used to pester my dad about it daily. We were almost going to get it from IKEA but then mom decided to make a better deal with me. -_-
    The paintings loook lovely there. *thumbs up*
    I like your burj Khalifa better. Can I have it? 😉 and which bookstore are you talking about?
    When are you coming to Hyderabad?
    Yes you were missed. I used to check my mail daily if theres any post on your blog.
    Take care 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, Miss Maqsood! So what was the better deal that made you forget about that white bedroom set? 🙂

      It’s funny that I keep forgetting about the bookstore’s name, considering that it’s my favorite in the city. What I remember is that it’s located near Ladki ka Pul and that huge white building – Police control room or something. Yes, can have my Burj Khalifa 🙂

      1. Ah! The deal was to go to my favourite bookstore and get as many books as I like. Its one of those offers that I wouldn’t decline, ammi knows her daughter well. Sigh!
        OHhhh I got it, I think the building you are talking about is PTI, Press Trust of India, building. Hmm, I think I might go and check there, once I get rid of my exams.
        Thank you so much for the Burj Khalifa 🙂

        1. Miss Maqsood, I wouldn’t have refused such a deal myself! Mothers are tricky that way 😉

          I’m not sure if it’s the PTI but let me know if you don’t find the place and I’ll get more information for you.

          1. I found the bookstore not sure if its the same one. Is it the Best Books Centre? I went there parsun and I loved it! Had gone there to get a course related book but wo toh nai mili aur dusre milgaye and at such a cheap rate. 😀

            1. Yes, Miss Maqsood, that is the one! They even have a website:

              Although it’s obviously more gratifying to visit in person & browse though the huge selection. The owner is a really nice person. And I also like how there’s no one watching over your shoulder as you take your sweet time selecting the books.

  5. “whenever the temperature drops to 18ºC”… “drops” you say haha.

    The view is lovely! Enjoy the new place. It seems like a lot of your decorating is done or at least started… it’s so hard to get Vick to make a decision… we’re STILL on the furniture stage and we’ve been in our new home since October. Congratulations and would love to see more photos!

    1. Guess what, it further “dropped” to 16C today after the rain 😉

      Four months into your new home and still being on the furniture stage is completely unacceptable, haha. Decide soon and share the pictures.

  6. hello, Nadia… ay, inggit me sa view. 🙂 love the updates. and yeah, the paintings pics look livelier with the new frames. enjoy the weather, the new home and the trips to stores looking for things to beautify the spoiled one’s new territory, hahaha. btw, is your occasion similar to what we call “blessing,” huh? i like the Peace Lily and its pot – maganda. parati kang may terrace (or view na maganda), nakakainis! hihi, peace. 😉

    warm regards…

    1. ‘San, huwag pong mainggit dahil binabayaran namin ang view na ito, haha. Spoiled one? whatever makes you think that? *wink* *wink*

      No, we don’t really have a “blessing” of the new home — we just invite people over for lunch or dinner. And yes, white frames are best in my opinion. I’m going to get a dozen more 😀

  7. Congratulations ! ….. those view and setups look awesome. A little more bigger view of our inside home would have been more nice …. hope u will write a post about the dinner party u had for our friends and will write the recipes as well. Do write more posts like this one …

    1. Thank you, Sharmila! I am glad you enjoyed this post. There are two reasons why I haven’t posted a more detailed view of the home: first, I am a very private person and I consider my home a private place so I was hesitating to put this up on the internet, and b) although the place is furnished, it still lacks accessories (I still don’t have table lamps and my walls are bare). But who knows, once I’m finished decorating I might just post more pictures 🙂

  8. I read this on my e-mail when it was first posted and smiled because I loved it! I really enjoyed you sharing your home and your writing was sweet and witty. I love the view from your apartment mashaAllah! I really encourage you to write more of these posts!

    1. How sweet of you, Londoneya! I’ve been living in this apartment for a little over 2 months now, and I absolutely love spending time in the kitchen (and frequently looking out the window to look at the blue water).

      1. Then may I suggest a kitchen tour? 😉 Your favourite appliances, the ones you use on a day to day basis, that sort of thing 😀 And I can’t get enough of your view mashaAllah!

  9. How did I miss this post on your blog? Oh, wait! Probably cause it was published in Feb when I was busy in my you-know-what exams.
    Its really a wonderful post because you had stopped writing anything personal on this blog. It’s good to see glimpses from your life and new home. May this home suit you both and becomes a blessed place for your family. Ameen! Happy moving-to-new-place.

    1. Ameen to your dua and jazak’Allah khair for sweet words! I have indeed refrained from narrating personal details of our lives because when I learned that my readers now include distant relatives and colleagues, it feels uncomfortable sharing too much.

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