Sharjah’s Blue Souq

This is Sharjah’s famous Blue Souq, also known as Central Market (Souq al Markazi) and Gold Souq.  It is the largest market of the emirate, and one of my favorites.

The souk was built in 1979 and is characterized by its special arabic islamic design work which was guided by the desire to recognize traditional aesthetics by H.H. Sheikh Dr. Sultan Bin Mohammed Al Qasimi (Supreme Council member and Ruler of Sharjah).

I took these photographs 20 minutes before sunset, hence the warm glow on the walls.

The Blue Souq has two wings, connected by footbridges.  In one section, shoppers will find antiques, carpets, gifts and electronics while the other section features gold, gems and jewelry.  There are a total of 600 shops.

I was experimenting with different shutter speeds, and the picture came out with some noise because the golden hour had ended by then.


  1. Has the look of this blog actually changed or it is just my feeling? 🙂
    This one is good, I must say. I like the City tabs at the top.

    In the beginning, this market was referred to as Engine market also…most probably due to its resemblance with a railway engine.

    I happened to visit this market in 2006.

    P.S. Thanks for letting us getting to know about “golden hour photography”.

    1. I *think* the blog has changed 😀

      Yes, I really liked the city tabs on top too! And the color and layout, of course.

      The Engine market? I didn’t know that! But I’m glad they changed it; it doesn’t sound like a place that sells jewelry … lol.

      The Golden Hour is also known as the Magic Hour … the sky becomes a gorgeous pastel color of different shades.

    1. Thank you, Ubaid! I love this color a lot, but wished there was a similar layout in purple too, so that I can do justice to my blog name 🙂

  2. That’s one beautiful Souq! Is there a market too,like selling fresh veg,poultry? Or is it just a shopping mall?

    I’m amazed! Esp liked the last pic!

    1. Lat, there is a separate market for fruits/vegetables and meat. This one is for jewelry, clothes, carpets, antique items, etc.

      This souq is so pretty at night too, but I don’t have pictures.

  3. I have driven past this Souq so many times… never stopped for pictures though.

    Great captures… I love the depth-of-field in the 2nd picture from the top. You’ve got the detail of the mosaic and some nice bokeh 🙂

  4. thanks nadia you helped me alot i had and information report to do for an exam and i was lost thank you

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