Some Random Stuff In My Parents’ Home

My parents’ home is not child-friendly.  Except for the fake flowers above and the Russian dolls below, almost everything is fragile, do-not-touch-or-else type.  Not everything is on display, but it’s not difficult to find them either.  I remember, as a young girl, climbing up a chair or table to reach my grandmother’s precious chinaware, kept carefully aside for special occasions.  It’s fun to play with those things that elders ask us not to touch, more so if it’s followed by the “or else” threat.

Notice that generous layer of desert sand on the leaves?  That’s what happens when someone  keeps the balcony door  open for too long to let in some natural light so that the pictures come out nice and sharp.

All photographs were taken with the subjects sitting on a chair and light coming in from the left side.  That was the only available natural light source at that time of the day.  Since the glass is tinted, I had to keep the door to the balcony open to let in a good amount of light.  I tried to take the pictures outdoors, but the wind was strong and it was too dusty.

The picture below is of a wedding favor/giveaway/token/souvenir that my mom received from a wedding that she  attended in the Philippines last year.

And by the way, all these pictures were taken with my sister, Sophia’s, shiny, new Nikon D3000.  And she’s not even interested in photography!  She just bought it because “owning an SLR is the in thing.”  MashaAllah.


  1. wow nice work nadia!! i love the pieces at ur mum’s place 😀 and i love the way u have used to ur natural light source..m studying photography in my uni these days n we too an assignment in which we had to ‘play with the light’ as our instructor said.

    1. Thank you, Mubi! You are so lucky to be able to study photography formally; my teacher is Youtube. I hope you share some photography tips on your blog someday 🙂

  2. Sis the fake flowers above is not safe for children too as it is in glass vase ;)nice pics. which of the lens did you use for these images? that persian vase is safe.thanks for doing the iftetah of my camera 😛

    1. Welcome to the blog, Sophia ji! Finally I got you to comment 😀

      Your D3000 totally rocks! I took these pictures with the kit lens. Although I tried the zoom one first. I went out and zoomed in to see my office building, LOL.

      As per our discussion over the phone, I am going to borrow that bara waala lens at the end of this month, theek hai? No, wait. I’m not asking. I’m making you give that to me for a month 😉

  3. “She just bought it because “owning an SLR is the in thing.”

    Wow how I wish I could do the same! Here a good set starts at $500 +!!!

    Nice pictures. I like the last one best (blue vase).

    The Russian dolls – not so much – it’s got lots of shadows in it! 🙂

    1. Actually, she found this good deal in Singapore. Her D3000 came with an additional 70-300 mm lens, bag, memory card, tripod, cleaning kit, and a box (for protection against extreme weather situations).

      Oh, but the Russian Dolls were supposed to be partly hidden in the shadows. I was trying to create a dramatic effect 😀

  4. Hi nadz,nice pictures, i like the second one, it’s like the five ladies in Dubai;Tiya,YOU,Dolly,
    Sanaf and the smallest & cutest one is Sonia.[hehehe]

    1. Walaikum Assalam, Sis. Thank you so much! 🙂

      I was just going through your son’s pictures in Facebook. I hope he’s doing well now.

  5. LoL @ your sister’s logic for owning a spanking new camera- me likes! *thumbs up* hehehe 😉

    The pictures are beautiful, Masha’Allah… and so are the objects! Your parents have excellent taste, Masha’Allah and just looking at the things, one can see how much care has been put into collecting them and putting them under one roof… love!!

    1. Imagine that! I was so jealous of her, LOL. I gave her a crash course on how to use it and she’s getting interested now 🙂

      About those objects, yeah my mom takes really good care of them. But once when I was there visiting, my abaya hit one of the ceramic vases and it broke 🙁

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