Telaga Seafood Restaurant: Fresh Grilled Fish, Good Customer Service


When the planned lunch at Seashells Restaurant did not work out—because they do not have fish available—we turn the car around and head back to Pantai Cenang, which is the busiest beach town on Langkawi Island.

Randomly peeking through the restaurants along the way, we try to determine where to eat based on how busy the place is. The thing is, it’s already five in the afternoon and obviously everyone has had their lunch hours ago. Almost all restaurants are empty!

To be honest, we pick Telaga Seafood Restaurant because of the aquarium display in front, which means there is fish, and the convenience of a parking lot. The main road is almost always busy and parking is an issue.




A waiter leads us into one of those huts. It has an electric fan on the roof, and I also spot a nest in one corner. We are surrounded by lush foliage, a cool breeze provides respite from the humid afternoon, and immediately we relax.

First, they ask what we would like to drink. Masood orders lemon juice while I opt for a glass of watermelon juice. The juices are fresh and chilled.


A glass of fresh juice costs MYR 8 each. That’s AED 6.68 or USD 1.82.

Fish is delivered daily by local fishermen after their morning catch. They have pomfret, grouper, snapper, and sea bass. The waiter suggests sea bass when we ask for recommendation so that is what we order. He then asks how we wanted the fish to be cooked: steamed in ginger and garlic, fried, or grilled on charcoal. We go for grilled. Rice is sold separately. We also order Chicken Tom Yam.


A bowl of Chicken Tom Yam at MYR 10 (AED8.35/USD 2.27). The tom yam is hot and sour, like it’s supposed to be, and I am able to identify the flavors of lemon grass, kaffir lime leaves, and galangal. It is served hot.


Grilled sea bass at MYR 7 per 100 grams. This one costs MYR 70 (AED 58/USD 16). They actually give you the option between frozen and fresh fish, the frozen being cheaper, of course. But why would someone travel all the way to Langkawi and have frozen fish?

The fish is grilled nicely. The skin is crisp and the flesh is tender and well-seasoned. I love that they added chopped green chilies!


My review is based on the food we order, and I would definitely recommend their grilled fish (fresh one!) and chicken tom yam. Their menu also includes “Arabic” food but we didn’t try those.

We receive very good service. They are attentive and quick.

When in Langkawi Island, make sure to sample the local seafood delicacies. It’s a plus if the restaurant has a tropical ambiance and good service.


  1. Happy you finally found fish after last time’s dissapointment! 🙂 The grilled fish looks delicious. The surroundings look peaceful and I like the touch of culture here and there. The dishes are quite affordable when you put them in US dollars/MYR, aren’t they!

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