The 99 Attributes of Allah in Traditional Kufi Calligraphy

One of the several things that prominently stood out in the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque  in Abu Dhabi was this wall that one comes face-to-face with directly the moment one steps into the main prayer hall …

We visited the mosque at night, so I’m not sure how this looks during the day, but the sight took my breath away!  The display occupies the entire length of the wall and illuminates so grandly.  We stood there for a few minutes—completely in awe.  It’s something that photographs do not justice with.

The 99 names (qualities) of Allah featured on the Qibla wall exemplify traditional Kufi calligraphy, designed by the prominent UAE calligrapher – Mohammed Mandi.  The Kufic script is the oldest form of Arabic scripts, it’s name derived from the city of Kufa in Iraq.  It’s said that the first copies of the Qur’an were written in this script.

The Qibla wall also features subtle fiber-optic lighting, which is integrated as part of the organic design.


  1. How exqusit! And your pic makes me feel seeing it for real! And the previous post,the pics show a magnificently built mosque.I appreciate both post very much! And the link of the Queen’s attendance is interesting 🙂 For some reason I could only view the pics until the ladies entrance to prayer in the slide show.I hope to be able to see it soon.I don’t want to miss it! Thank you for all this! I really wish one’s prayer there is spiritually uplifting as well.

  2. Hello Nadja, great pictures of the mosque at night! I just discovered your site – great work, added you to my favorites.

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