1. I was a little nervous about bringing Masood to try Filipino cuisine, but he loved the experience! But of course, we ordered the dishes that I thought would appeal to his (and Saima’s) taste buds. However, I think you’d love this cuisine. Give it a try and let me know, Tien!

    1. Hi, Mica! We went there pretty late and that too on a weeknight, so there wasn’t much crowd. But yeah, I assume the place must be crowded during lunch times or weekends. Not sure about Heart, but the Consul General was there during the opening 🙂

  1. Ok its hard to decide which one is better than other in terms of looks. Coz all of them score high. I guess the chicken dish you mentioned as ur favt does seem very tasty.

    I have never heard of these dishes before. I guess i will try to research more about that tapocia gelatin thing. That’s sago dana. So, it seems weird, interesting.
    aiman recently posted..Basi Qorma……..

    1. Hello, Aiman! Yep, that chicken is the best! Oh, and when you research and experiment with the sago dana drink, don’t forget the pandan leaves 🙂

  2. It’s a love-hate relationship with me and Barrio Fiesta. Sometimes the service and food is good, sometimes it’s not. I have taken a few of my Japanese friends there and they love the food, I just wish there would be consistency. It has great potential to finally carry that Philippine cuisine flag in Dubai…
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    1. I know what you mean, Grace; consistency is the key, specially that they are carrying that famous brand name that’s synonymous with Filipino cuisine. Perhaps it’s a good idea to dine there during the off-peak timings only?

  3. hello, nadia…

    isa ka na ngang Pinay, di maikakaila. alam mo na ang mga dapat i-order na pagkain. maigi naman at nagustuhan ng pamilya mo ang mga pagkain at ang Filipino dining experience.

    ang gaganda ng kuha mo ng litrato rito. and i also think you did justice sa narration. salamat sa pagtataguyod mo ng mga bagay na may kaugnayan sa Pilipinas. mabuhay ka, kapatid! 🙂
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    1. Thank you so much, San! Had I been dining alone, I would’ve ordered kare-kare and Bicol express (although I don’t remember this place having Bicol Express in their menu). I have this feeling na magusgustuhan nila ang kanilang first Filipino dining experience – masarap kaya ang pagkaing Pinoy.

      I’m glad you like the pictures. The lighting was great in the restaurant so photography was a breeze. Also, I’ve mentioned quite a few times on this blog about how I’m usually intimidated with taking pictures in restaurants with people watching and all, but tonight was the first time ever that I took pictures of the food without reservations and really enjoyed it! There are two reasons for this: first, my sister was there taking pictures as well, and second, the place wasn’t crowded. I think it also helped that we were sitting in a corner table (we had enough privacy).

      1. hmmn… matagal ka nga sigurong naging estudyante, aba’y maalam ng dining alone? hehe… btw, i hope masood rarely lets you dine alone these days, ahaha.

        ang dami mong alam na pagkain at kulturang pinoy. ikaw na! yan, mag-aaral na nga ako uli ng kultura nyo at nang may alam akong konti pag nag-uusap tayo… 🙂

        maganda ang mga kuha mo, may pokus at mukhang elegante ang lugar. tila inspired din ang kumukuha.

        hello sa family mo! 🙂
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        1. Thank you so much, San! Yep, haven’t dined alone in restaurants since I got married, which is actually good considering it isn’t much fine eating alone. Plus I don’t have to pay the bill myself 😉

          Yes, to be fair – dapat lang na pag-aralan mo din ang kultura namin. It isn’t boring, pramis 😀

    1. I may or may not be a Filipino, Malaysian, Indonesian, Chinese, Egyptian, Pakistani, or Indian. I can’t tell, sorry – it’s highly classified information.

    1. Oh, I never thought about making inihaw na manok myself. What a brilliant idea! I’m sure my very desi susraal will love it.

      PS: No, I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of the compliments on the photographs, in fact, I get inspired to take more. However, a constructive criticism is also highly appreciated.

      PPS: I found this recipe to be very good.

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