The Bride’s First Dessert


It’s been a month now since the wedding, and the bride is ready to take responsibilities, aka household chores. As tradition strictly dictates, she must prepare something sweet first, to herald her lifelong commitment to cooking, laundry, and doing the dishes. We strictly kept her out of the kitchen, where she was eager to join the rest of the ladies in cooking and washing, just a few days after the marriage. I am surprised, naturally, because I would personally stay away from all these activities for as long as I possibly could.


She made falooda, my favoritest dessert in the whole wide world, followed by kheer, of course. Speaking of kheer, I completely forgot to mention that in Makkah, during our Umrah a couple of months ago, Masood and I met up with a blogger at her home. We’ve never met a blogger at his or her home before, so we were pretty nervous. “Are you sure it’s OK with your parents?” I asked her. “Of course!” she replied.

We—Shazia, her mom, and myself—immediately bonded like we weren’t meeting for the first time ever. I was pleasantly surprised and flattered that her mom knows a lot about me (I’ve added Shazia on Facebook and they read this blog, but still…). So we chatted for a thousand years over a dinner, and then came the yummiest homemade falooda! Her mom made it after reading somewhere from my blog or Facebook status that it’s my favorite. They made our stay in Makkah special. May Allah bless them.


So the bride made falooda one day, and we invited close family members to celebrate the event. The dessert contains milk, almonds, vermicelli, tapioca seeds, strawberry jelly, almonds, pistachio, and vanilla ice cream.


It’s super easy to whip up this falooda. All you need is milk, ice cream, slivers of pistachios and almonds for garnishing, and most importantly, you’ll need this.


  1. Nadia, Do you realise how special you just made her first cooking experience at susraal?
    Did she pay you for this super advertisement on wordpress? 😛 The sweet dish looks yummy-licious!!! You took absolutely gor-gus pictures! (gor-gus is my version of gorgeous)

    1. Pervisha, I’m sometimes thoughtful and generous like that *coughs*. Nobody has to pay me (yet) 😀

      Thanks for the “gor-gus” compliment 😉

  2. Can someone tell the groom how lucky he is!! Jelly, Pistachios and almonds in a pudding is an explosive combination!!!! UTTER HUNGAMA!!!

    1. PS: I would go to Bombay Chowpatty in a few weeks to see if they somehow managed to advertise these pictures on their display menu 😉

  3. hello, nadia and masood.

    i super love your first paragraph. there’s humor from start to finish. you make fun of the bride as though you’ve never been a bride yourself. or, you chide her as though you’ve been a bride yourself, huh? 🙂 common, she wants to show her enthusiasm…

    see, in the end, she made wonderful bowls of your favoritest dessert and then you forgot about everything else, the humor and what have you. so, where do i find falooda in quezon city, dear?

    i wish you two are well. we’re being ravaged by a typhoon here and flood isn’t far away. but am blogging. or bragging. whatever! 🙂

    1. Hello, San!

      I’ve been a bride alright, but not as lucky as her. I mean, I started doing chores the next day since we weren’t really surrounded by relatives in Dubai to help the bride. And that’s why I wanted my sister-in-law to enjoy her work-free moments for as long as she can, but she’s adamant to help around the house asap 😀

      There’s a Pakistani grocery store called Assad Minimart, that’s located on UN Ave, near Paco Park. I heard that they even have their own restaurant now. If you visit, let me know how the food is there.

      I hope the typhoon has passed on somewhere else by now. You guys take care there!

  4. Sister I went to the grocery store today and bought the Falooda mix. Now can I have the proper recipe please? 😀

    1. Hello, Aminah! The recipe should be printed at the back of the box. All you have to do is add the mix into boiling milk and cook for 10-15 minutes, then garnish it.

  5. OMG! That looks so awesome… lol I’m a FALOODA freak! (Whenever I’m in Karachi I immediately need to go to Baluch Ice! (I think that is how I spell it??!) I love FALOODA especially with lots and lots of pistachos and almonds!!! YUMMY!! hehe I went crazy when I found out they have Falooda mix in Singapore!

    Mmmm… Wish I was there at both occasions you were served with Falooda…hehe..

    1. Mrs Umer, I pity someone who’d visit Karachi and not eat falooda, specially one from Baloch Ice! And when there’s no decent falooda around, the mix is the next best thing to have.

  6. I think you enjoyed a lot in the hydrabadi weeding, I haven’t seen any hydrabadi weeding yet, but I’m interested… Truth to say Mashallah you are a good photographer… 😀

  7. It’s so yummy…. mouth watering…. I would love to eat such yummy falooda…. 😛 especially when it’s so hot outside case of summer, it’s making me desperate to have it…. 😛

    1. Hello, captureuniverse! How’d you been? I suppose you have easy access to falooda where you live? If that’s the case, consider yourself extremely lucky 😀

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