The Colorful Villa We Stayed in at Musandam

musandam omanWe did not give up on Oman. After that disappointing experience where one of us was denied entry into the country, we tried again and succeeded at crossing the UAE-Oman border. Like most of our trips, this was also unplanned. This is just how it works in my family. If we do plan something, it almost always does not work out.

It was late in the afternoon when we reached Musandam. So when tried to book for a dhow cruise, the travel agent suggested we stay overnight and take the morning trip. “A trip takes four hours and it’s already 2 pm,” he said. “Also, the dolphins usually show up in the morning.”

Also, noting that we were a group of eight adults, he suggested we rent a villa instead of separate hotel rooms. It turned out to be a good idea!

villa in musandam

This was the house. Part of it is still under construction but it has two bedrooms, two living rooms (as is the custom in most homes in this part of the world, where male guests sit separately from the women), two bathrooms, and a huge kitchen.

This is the red living room, the place we occupied the most:

red living room musandam villa

rent a villa in musandam

It took sometime for us to find the channels and, when we did, discovered that most of them were either in Arabic or Farsi. Eventually, we found a channel that was playing the movie Thor.

Masood and I spent some quiet time alone on the rooftop, marveling at the star-studded sky. The looming shadows of the huge mountains surrounded us in the dark of the night. Somewhere down the dusty road, in this sparsely populated community, we briefly heard some men talking.

Soon everyone joined us on the rooftop, after which I was certain our voices and laughter rang till the farthest house in the village. I think I had to drag everyone downstairs immediately least someone calls the police and have us arrested for wrecking havoc to world peace.

This is the second living room:

blue living room

This room gave us a headache so we stayed away from this. Besides the weird curtains and sofa covers (too much matching going on!), I felt uncomfortable in this dark and stuffy room as if it’s filled with negative energy. And the attached bathroom stank too. Yes, I think that was the negative energy that assaulted our senses whenever someone opened the door to this room.

blue living room

Bedroom # 1:

bedroom in musandam

Bedroom # 2:

bedroom in oman

The huge kitchen, my favorite place in this house:

kitchen in musandam

I love how the sunlight poursย in so gloriously in the morning and the fresh air circulates nicely when the back door and windows are opened. Unfortunately, we did not get to cook in this kitchen as we weren’t prepared to spend the night in a furnished house. I would have loved to cook some breakfast here.

sunrise in musandam
The mountains behind the house, where the sun was slowly rising to herald a beautiful day.


musandam neighborhood
Our temporary neighborhood.

I was actually quite impressed by how clean the house was, save for the bathroom in the blue room, and how the sheets were freshly laundered and spotless.

If we ever get the chance to rent a villa again, I will remember to bring my BBQ paraphernalia and lots of food!



  1. Wow Nadia! What a marvellous trip you had. You gave a hilarious account with absolutely beautiful pictures. It’s true for my family as well that we can’t follow a properly planned schedule for anything, most importantly for a trip. If it’s planned, it actually means, “in our dreams”. LOL.

    I loved the kitchen and the mental sketch you have given me about your and masood bhai’s time on rooftop, ahh! Wonderful. I wish you had taken pictures of the starry night with some high ISO Camera.

    I LOVE your life. May you stay blessed always ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. If itโ€™s planned, it actually means, โ€œin our dreamsโ€ — that is my family’s story =)

      When I was going through the Musandam album, I noticed I didn’t photograph three occasions that I should have captured:

      1. The night scene at the roof.
      2. The tiny roadside cafeteria, where we pulled plastic chairs and sipped tea by the highway.
      3. The amazing grilled fish lunch that we had. The fish was caught just an hour before it reached our table.

      1. Hi Nadia , we r planning to visit Musandum and would like to stay in the same villa where u had spent the night. We r a large group of friends . Could you pls provide me the contact details . Thanks for your help !

    1. Ayesha, I agree! Though it helps to have a trip that is thoroughly planned, last minute adventures turn out to be more fun and memorable.

  2. Hi Nadia, I am searching for a villa in Musundam for a weekend trip some family friends on the ocming friday (21st). The villa you stayed is one great place. Could you get me the contacts for this place, as well as give me an idea of how much it cost you people? I promise to send you pics of the place that I shoot, in return for the information… ๐Ÿ˜€

      1. Hi Dear,

        Would you be kind enough to please provide me with the contact for the above villa. I remember staying here in 2010. I lost the number and tried hard but in vain. We are planning a same visit and need the number.
        Thanks in advance.


      2. Hi,

        Those pictures looks really nic,please forward the contact details of the villa so as to book for us..thanks

      3. Salam Nadia,

        Can i have the number of the owner if i want to rent and the price if possible.

        it looks clean and good family gatheringn size villa. thanks

    1. Thank you so much, Londoneya! Yes, you must visit Musandam. And please bring me along with you. I can’t seem to have enough of this place!

  3. Hi Nadia !

    Indeed the villa is colorful as well as beautiful … but aren’t u going to write about ur “dhow cruise” ?
    … anyway last minute trip or planned trip – what really matter is u go to a trip together with friends and dear ones ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Hi nadia, as we r plannig to go to mussadam on the comming weekend so can u give me the contact details of the villa as well as the price for an overnight stay there . It will be a great help to us ….. waiting for your reply …..

    1. Fatima, liberal use of such rich colors all over the place is probably the “in” thing in this tiny village. Nevertheless, it gets pretty overwhelming at some point ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I am sitting here in Missouri, USA reading your blog. I was looking up Jazirat Al Habra because it was mentioned I a book I am reading and it lead me to the Blog post. To be honest it was said it was haunted by Djinns and I had to look it up. Now I am here on this page. I just wanted to say that Dhubai is such a beautiful city in pictures, and the old crumbling architecture in Jazirat is just mesmerizing, I to just wonder what it must have been like when it was a bustling with life. You had an eye for photography. I have enjoyed looking through your blog. I would live to live somewhere with such beautiful buildings, just amazing. It is great to reach across miles into different cultures to see what we are missing. I will get back to my book now.

    1. Nancy, welcome to the blog! And thank you for leaving such a sweet comment!

      I’ve never returned to Jazirat-al-Hamrah – but local photographers frequent the place all the time.

  5. Assalamu Alaikkum Nadia,

    I was searching for the pictures of Mecca and Madina and finally I landed up in your Blog from which i couldn’t move further as i was eagerly reading your umra visit and from there it lead me to your musandam trip. Your Umra article took me to both Mecca and Madina again…as i was there along with my family two weeks back. I loved your writing. Masha Allah!! May Allah (SWT) bestow his blessings upon you and your family and may you be rewarded for your writings. Insha Allah!

    I have enjoyed reading your blog and Masha Allah photography.

    We have been to Musandam 4 years back but never got an apportunity to stay overnight. would you mind sharing the contact details of the place were you stayed. Your photography just attracted my eyes and tempting for an overnight stay with my family. Jazakmullah Khair!!

    1. Walaikum assalam, Shafina. Ameen to you dua, and thank you so much for your kind words! JazakAllah khair.

      I will email you with the details of this place.

  6. hellow, Nadia… we’re melting from the heat over here, help! hehehe… ๐Ÿ˜‰

    hey, your pics and your narration are lovely as usual. kahit critical kwento mo, funny pa rin and the pics are always maganda. maski pa ma-reklamo photographer, haha (i guess, medyo baduy motif ng lugar, hehe. but as you said – it’s clean and new). ang importante, may star-studded moment kayo ni hubby, hakhak. and hey, it’s always fun to stay in a house or villa when traveling as a group. parang maganda naman, courtyard na lang wari kulang, hoho…

    musta po… ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. ‘San, long time no see! Hay naku, major melting is happening over here as well and we’re just starting our 6-month summer season!

      Thank you for always having such kind words whenever you visit the blog. Teka, critical ba kwento ko? I had to go back and re-read the post, haha.

      Hope you’re enjoying your weekend!

      1. Thanks for your blog. Looks like very good villa to stay with family.
        Please provide the contact details and the rent per day in order for us to decide.

  7. Hi Nadia, I am considering to go to Musandam for upcoming holidays and would like to request you to provide me with the contacts for this place, and how much roughly it would cost.

    Thank you in advance!

  8. Good information, could you please give the details/contact no. for the stay and approx whats the price? What @ food?? do we have to arrange or we will get it..

  9. Hi mam, could u please give me the contact details of the villa as we are also planning to go to mussandam. Thanks………

  10. dear nadia

    pls share with me the contact details, as we intend to go during EID holidays.

    Thanks in advance.


  11. HI nadia need the info for renting this villa for new years could give me the contact details of the person u rented it from thanksvand appreciate the help

  12. Hi Nadia

    I am writing this to ask you the question which many others have asked on this blog. The contact number of the villa in Mussandam. Actually we stayed in this villa 3 years ago and were quite satisfied. Somehow we lost the number. I will appreciate it if you can email it to me

  13. Dear Ms. Nadia
    We are a party of 10 planning a trip to Musandam next month. Please can you share the contact details of the owner of the villa where you stayed. Is it family friendly as we have kids with us.


  14. Hi nadia, as we r plannig to go to mussadam on the comming weekend so can u give me the contact details of the villa as well as the price for an overnight stay there . It will be a great help to us โ€ฆ.. waiting for your reply

  15. Dear Nadia,
    I was really exited after reading your blog. Will u be able to provide me with details as to how I can book this villa. Please. Looking forward for your reply. Thanks loads.

  16. Hey Nadia,

    Would like some help from you.. If you still have the contact details of this place would like to rent it out during an upcoming holiday with my family.

  17. good blog nadia. i have plans to visit musandam this Eid with my family. can you please share the contact details of villa.

  18. Hi nadia

    Could you please share the contact details for the villa rental, So that we could also enjoy the trip and stay.

    Thanks in advance

  19. Hi Excellent blog with great pics, it would be great if you could share the contact details of this villa and approx. cost.

  20. Hi Nadia,I read your experience in this villa . We will be visiting Musandum next week with friends . can u pls provide us the details of the villa. Thanks for your help !

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