The High Court of Andhra Pradesh

Standing tall in the heart of Hyderabad, the administrative capital of the state, this magnificent building was constructed in 1919.   Between us and this building lay the river Musi, formerly known as Muchukunda river.  Well, I’m glad they updated the name;  Musi is so much easier to pronounce and remember!   Since this picture was taken when summer was in its full glory, the river has dried up – not an interesting sight to photograph.

The credit for the remarkable style of this fine building goes to this prince.  Did you know that he had 7 wives, 42 concubines and 40 children?   I suppose he easily managed to keep them all happy since he was reputed to be the richest man in the world, having a fortune estimated at US$2 billion in the early 1940s!  But of course, we’re not here to gossip about his exalted highness.

Anyway, so after the completion of this building, the main building and Annexes buildings can locate 24 Court Halls and 26 Chambers, and has a sanctioned judge strength of 39.  We didn’t really get in, so I got this valuable information from Wikipedia.

In all fairness to the prince, he pushed education, science and development, which allowed for the introduction of electricity, railways, roads and airways. Nearly all of the major public buildings in Hyderabad city were built during his reign. With his death, his funeral procession was one of the largest in Indian history.


  1. Very interesting background to the remarkable structure.It looks awesome except for the intruding coconut trees blocking the centre of the building 🙂 The aesthetic view is disturbed! 🙂

    Was the prince Muslim or Hindu? He looks fair and handsome in the pic,something the advertisers will use for their fair and lovely campaigns! 🙂 The fact that he only had 40 children with such abundance of wives shows something else about his charisma.The Saudi princes can easily produce more than fifty or even hundred children with 4 rotating wives! One can wonder whether things have really changed over the centuries,eh?

    1. Sorry about those trees, Lat. But maybe they planted it there to provide some sort of privacy at the main entrance 🙂

      This was a Muslim prince. LOL @ fair and lovely campaigns!

      “…fifty or even hundred children with 4 rotating wives!” Is that possible?!

      So given the number of women this prince if Hyderabad had, 40 children aren’t that many then 😀

  2. Awesome picture, Nadia! it looks like one of those pictures you seen in old history books 😀
    7 wives?! 40 children?! anxiety!
    althu he does look quite happy in the picture.
    Do you know what i dont get? the huge hat thingie.
    [along with the equally huge moustache *rolls eyes*]

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