The Kirrrrrrak Steak, Chef Inam’s Steakhouse

This hole-in-the-wall steakhouse is quite popular in Hyderabad, specially among body builders who frequent this place to get loaded with protein. Inspired by Chef James White of New England, Chef Inam has been cooking at his restaurant in the United States for the last 8 years before bringing his steak-grilling skills to Hyderabad.

The restaurant’s reviews online range from:

The main course was not just dinner, it was an experience of global standards. Obviously good, it was easy to eat, so juicy red meat, I rarely had, ever, anywhere! And I am counting in restaurants from Dubai & United States in ANYWHERE!


The steaks were juicy (if you fancy Desi masala) but hard as leather with a touch of rubber! WOW! Hyderabadi-“Bostonian” elastic steaks! They would give denture wearers a run for their money! 

But since there are more positive reviews, we decide to try Chef Inam’s famous steaks ourselves, and see what the fuss is all about.

Location and First Impressions:

The Steakhouse is located near the Golconda Hotel  in Masab Tank. We arrive for lunch, around two in the afternoon. A young man is busy sweeping the floor. We stand there for a minute, peek inside the empty restaurant, and ask the young man if they were open for lunch. “Yes”, he replies. But since he is busy cleaning the place, we remain outside and wait for him to finish. In the meantime, another young man emerges from the restaurant and begins to prepare the charcoal. The grill is located just outside the restaurant, next to the street.  There is a bright blue plastic tub nearby that contains jars of assorted dried herbs and bottles of sauces.

Inside, the Steakhouse is a really small restaurant: four tables and sixteen chairs. There is no place to park your car properly, just pull up the curb.

The Menu:

The famous Kirrrrrrak Steak:

Quoting the menu:

Isn’t the name sounds funny? But as recommended by steak house regular guests Fazal and Nitin from Talwalkar gym as they and other gym goers want their Steak to be very special with loads of greens and olive oil garlic bread.

A very unusual choice, I know. But being first timers at the Steak House, we really couldn’t decide on what to order, so we ask the waiter for suggestions: he recommends the Kirrrrrrak Steak. I notice that it is the only steak in the menu that is said to contain loads of greens, so we take up his suggestion.

After taking our order, he disappears into the kitchen then reappears in a couple of minutes with the marinated chunk of meat. He walks past our table and takes the meat to the grill outside. He does not ask whether we want it medium rare or medium well. Few minutes later, we have the steak on our table:

Where are the loads of greens?

To be  fair with Chef Inam’s steakhouse, I am only going to review the Kirrrrrrak Steak, since that is all we have for lunch.

The steak is well-seasoned; you can see from the picture that this piece of meat is dusted with generous amount of dried herbs. We are provided with forks and proper steak knives that cut through the meat easily. It’s flavorful, but the melt-in-your-mouth goodness of a properly-grilled steak is missing, and I wouldn’t classify the meat as juicy, either. Frankly, the steak was almost dry.

We’ve also read online that they serve you some pasta while you wait for your steak. We did not get the pasta. Maybe they serve that in the evenings?

Although we’re disappointed with the Kirrrrrrak steak, I’d still want to give Chef Inam’s Steakhouse another try. And we’ll visit in the evening to make sure the chef is there to grill our steaks himself.

Chef Inam’s Steakhouse FaceBook page.


    1. With all those awesome restaurants in Lahore?! You should probably start a once-a-month restaurant review or something. We keep hearing all these wonderful things about food in your place. So yeah, go out there and share with us 🙂

      1. I used to go out alot in in BS days with my group. We knew where food is cheap n yet best but sadly I didnt have a blog back then 😛 warna ab tak anni machi hoti reviews ki.
        I just dont get time now for such things I do hope I go next week on lunch with friends. lets see. ab i kant possibly give a review on KFC 😛 or maybe I can. in khanum’s way! ..teeya pacha kar k u know 😛

        1. Oh, it’s really unfortunate that you didn’t have a blog back then. But it’s never late. I’m looking forward to any food review from you, even KFC sounds good 🙂

          1. Oye by the way, u phir Hyderabad pohanchi hui ho ? U travel alot. WHy dunt u give us review on flight’s lunch or dinner. I myself wanna do that, basically insult PIA !!!

            1. We travel at night 99% of the time, when the light is too low to take good pictures. But since you made farmaish, I’ll try to take pictures of my in-flight meals 🙂

              I’ve never traveled with PIA, lekin is their food that bad?

              1. Ahh u can’t imagine. I couldn’t believe myself cos Before that I had travelled with Saudi Airlines and based on their lavish lunch and breakfast, I was looking forward to food the most on flight when I booked with PIA. But sadly it was a first degree murder of my fantasy. Damn ! 🙁

  1. Hello, Nadia,

    Ah, you’re in Hyderabad again? Trying eat -outs by the road? You’re the one with the experimental palate, ahaha. Does this also mean that you’ve no time to cook again? Lols!

    At any rate, glad you’ve a new post, dear. Kind regards to you and Masood. 🙂

    1. Hi ‘San! These pictures are from our April trip; I just didn’t get around to blogging about it. I don’t mind a small, roadside restaurant as long as the food is good.

      Hey, I am cooking. In fact, I hosted a very elaborate dinner party at my home last night (I don’t remember ever cooking that much food in a day!).

      1. Oh, I eat at roadside restaurants often myself. Am thinking you no longer do since you married. But you still do, that’s nice and admirable… 🙂

        Ahaha, siya na ang host at cook pa! Was it a feast or something? Ah, the visitors must have had a good time then… 😉 Hello!

        1. San, my marital status couldn’t change my habit of eating at roadside restaurants!

          LOL, you could hardly call it a feast, but maybe considering the amount of time I spent in the kitchen, I wouldn’t mind calling it a feast 🙂

  2. The place looks like a shack from outside. I personally haven’t been there, but I am assuming if this guy brings loads of American experience, this must be something to try…

    1. Yeah, it does look like a shack, but I’ve heard that people line up for their steaks during the evening. Must try Chef Inam’s own cooking skills.

  3. Oh this place looks familiar 😛 Have seen it thousands of time but abhi himmat nai hui try karne ki maybe coz of the surroundings. 😛
    Well, now that you’ve okay-ed it, have to try the Kirrrrrraa steak iA 😛
    P.S: When I read the title I was like hyderabad ki hawa lag gai aapko bhi (coz of the Kirrrrak title 😛 ) lol

    1. “When I read the title I was like hyderabad ki hawa lag gai aapko bhi” LOL!

      I know, the surroundings kind of put you off, but go there for dinner and let me know how it goes. I’m assuming that if Chef Inam grills those steaks himself, it’s going to taste much better.

  4. i agree with u – the steak looks very dry. i never had eaten steak before (obviously) but still has seen on “TCL” about the famous steak food shows … n they really look juicy n tender too. But of course one should judge by one go … let’s see how will be ur next experience – shall i say “Best of Luck” ?

    1. I faced the same issue during my first few visits. I would suggest you to request for the meat to be done “rare” instead of “medium”. In India, “medium” is well cooked as in my opinion Indians don’t prefer the meat if its under-cooked. I ordered it “rare” and it was juicy and amazing.

      @Nadia: I agree with you about the mismatch between what is in the menu and what is served especially when it comes to the side dish. BTW, they have moved the steak house to the posh Banjara hills area now. I will be there tomorrow. 🙂

      1. Hi Saran! I didn’t know they’ve moved. What do you think about their new place at Banjara Hills?

        Thank you for the tip. Next time, we will request for a “rare” 🙂

    1. Thank you, Sharmila! Yes, this was definitely dry. I’ve had way much better steaks in the UAE. But then, maybe if Chef Inam had prepared this steak himself, maybe it would’ve been juicier.

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