The White Houses Down the Road

One of the first few things that we immediately noticed upon entering Muscat, Oman’s capital city, is the abundance of white houses.

The following shot was taken by my sister, Sophia, the proud owner of the Nikon D3000 that we used throughout this trip. We—Sanaf, my other sister who is also my photography buddy, and myself—kept Sophia busy behind the wheels as we took charge of the more difficult task at hand: photography. Masood had less pressing matters in his mind, like finding us a hotel to stay in, for example, since we didn’t book beforehand. We didn’t even know where the hotels were located in the city.

Where was I? Oh, yeah, I was showing you this photograph taken by Sophia. Did I tell you that she isn’t the least bit interested in photography? She hardly took four pictures throughout the trip. One of them was this one.

So she ended up focusing sharply on the leaves and branches, and left the main subject blurred in the background. “That’s a nice picture, Sophia!” I told her, taking the camera from her hands. “I’ll take it from here.”

She’s better at sketching, while I’m better in photography. Life is fair.

These low-lying white houses typify most of Muscat’s urban landscape.

“Wow, this looks like Greece!” exclaimed Sanaf, who has traveled to Europe several times. “Oh yes, it does!” the rest of us agreed, without the slightest idea how the houses in Greece looked like.

Not having skyscrapers obstruct our view was a pleasant change. We—the residents of the UAE who cannot imagine a building without a construction crane sitting on top of it—felt so liberated, like we were able to breathe.

And if Dubai is clean, Muscat is even cleaner.


    1. Harebeat, she’d rather be the subject than the one behind the lens. We actually talked her into buying the camera (another sister is the one using it all the time) 😀

      I’ll let her know that you liked her composition 🙂

      1. Oh then you should more photos of her 🙂

        And let me guess.. If she like to be the subject, you prefer to be behind the lens, don’t you?:)

        Are you three sisters?:)

        1. Yes, she prefers to be the subject; there’s less work involved in that 😀 But I’m more of a landscape person, so she doesn’t get into many of my photographs. And yeah, I prefer to stay behind the lens. I love photography.

          And no, I will not post more pictures taken by her (or of her) because this is *my* blog 😀

          I’m a loving and generous sister like that.

  1. Love the white houses and the backdrop of the mountains.Just awesome view and the place looks so clean too and that’s definitely a bonus to visit.

    Now for the lovely shot by your sister,that was amazing 🙂 Those leaves deserve their limelight away from the man-made white houses!And who knows how long they’ve been standing there for someone like Sophia to give them the spotlight 😀 MashAllah for your photography and lovely sisters 🙂

    1. Yes, Lat. I really liked how all the houses were painted white. It added more to the cleanliness.

      Yeah, yeah…take her side. And take the side of those leaves too. I’ll let Sophia know how much people are loving her framing 😀

      Oh, do you have a FB account? I’ll add you.

      1. Yes,I do.I’ll add you too.Thank you for being such a sweet friend!mA!

        And btw,i’m always on your side!,Even if it looks like I’m siding the leaves 😀 haha!

        1. “i’m always on your side!,Even if it looks like I’m siding the leaves”

          Haha! 😀

          Thank you! That makes me feel a lot better 😉

    1. Hi Leena! But that’s fair, specially when the weather is gloriously pleasant. And besides, I know that you are on bed rest, issi liye tho I am bringing the Middle East to you 🙂

  2. Wow!
    loving the white houses! They look so grand!
    and you guys are so funny! Sisterly love aye

  3. They are all lovely pictures, and I like the way your sister framed the houses with the trees. Of course a smaller aperture would have focused everything.. but it’s a really nice picture. The best is of course the next one – DSC_0264 – showing the Muscat city.

    Funny, I can’t imagine a Gulf Arab city without tall buildings and here it is 😀

    1. Mezba, she shoots on auto mode only 🙂

      Yep, I knew there were going to be mountains and forts, but it took me completely by surprise that there weren’t tall buildings in Muscat! Or maybe four or five ten-story buildings in total 😀

  4. I chanced upon your blog while planning my trip to Oman. Thanks for all the useful info and snaps. I am all the more looking forward to my trip after reading your posts.


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