1. it sure is a breathtaking site, isnt it? i love the marble flooring…u can virtually spend the entire day at the masjid without even looking at the watch…. i remember the days when we used to go to madinah and makkah during ramadan (we stayed in riyadh, so it was easier for us to drive)… every visit was memorable in its own way…

    It must’ve been so busy during Ramadan. I can just imagine the crowd! And yes, one does tend to lose track of time in the masjid.

  2. Subhanallah, looks like this post read my heart from the bottom to the top. I am still missing this lovely place. InshaAllah we will make it lot more days next time.

    Minimum 10 days, InshaAllah.

  3. Asalaamu Alaikum,

    Madinah is by far my favourite city in the world! I’ve never felt so much peace and tranquility in my life as I did sitting in Masjid Al Nabawi after Fajr.

    Alhumdulillah I was blessed to be born in Saudi Arabia and spent my first 10 years of my life there. I never truly appreciated it until I moved to Canada when I was 10 and got a chance to visit again when I was 15. I haven’t been back since. Insh’Allah someday…when it’s best for me…

    My husband and I are actually thinking of moving to UAE. I heard the job situation is bad there too but Insh’Allah whatever’s best for us will happen. If you know anyone looking to hire an electric/electrical engineer or something in wireless communication or an elementary school teacher, please let me know! 😉 I’ll really appreciate it!

    Congratulations on your Umrah! I hope and pray that I’m invited there soon too! 🙂

    Walaikum Assalam, dear Roohi, and thank you so much! May Allah accept your dua and bless you with the opportunity to visit Makkah and Madinah. I’ll be on the lookout, InshaAllah, for those posts you mentioned 🙂

  4. =( i miss saudi arab so much right now ….. i want to go back !!

    and mashallah nice to see you there =) !! and thanks alot for sharing the pics !!

    When were you there last?

  5. This was such a well written post – you should be a journalist! Or at least charging people money to read this, because this is better than a travel guidebook lol.

    Who were the imams for the prayers?

    Thank you! I had wanted to be a journalist lekin mere khandaan waaley decided it was ‘un-girly’ lol. I have overheard a brother mentioning the name of the imam, but I don’t seem to recall it now 🙁

  6. Salam Nadia, mashallah a very well written post,thanx for the detailed description, I mean how nice it is to see the places where Islam came alive,for instance just looking at cave Hira will give goose bumps, this was the place where the first revelation came, pray that I am invited to this place,only people invited by Allah gets the opportunity to perform,Umrah and Hajj…

    Walaikum Assalam, Maryam. May Allah bless you with the opportunity to perform Umrah and Hajj with your family, Ameen.

  7. Lovely pictures.

    From all pictures I have seen, the mosque at Madinah actually looks bigger than the Mecca one. We were there for some time it really is grand, beautiful and very peaceful. We had old currency there but the people were very friendly and eager to accept and help us out.

    Masjid al Haram in Makkah (400,800 sq meters and still undergoing expansion) is slightly bigger than Masjid al Nabawi (400,500 sq meters) though the latter does indeed look larger in pictures. And yes, people are very friendly and accommodating.

  8. I went for Ummrah in 1996, three months before my wedding, with my parents. We live in Dubai and my husband has gone 4 times now on official trips to Jeddah when he did Ummrah. He has not been able to take us.

    I wait patiently for Allah to call me to his home one day so my children can go there and see it with their own eyes. 🙂

    You are indeed blessed to have been able to go there.

    I have been told of a family here in the U.A.E. who’d been planning for Umrah since 2006 and have been denied the visa for different reasons each time. They are a young family and certainly have the money to make the journey. Therefore, there is no doubt that Allah only invite those whom He wish to invite – so it is a huge blessing for anyone to be able to make it for Umrah and Hajj. May Allah accept your dua and bless you and your family with the opportunity to visit His home.

  9. Assalamu alikum sis…

    Wallah your post just leaft my heart in tears. SubhanAllah. My heart has been longing to visit that blessed city of our beloved prophet sallahu alayhi wa salllam. InshAllah We are planned for this coming april. I am currently a resident of UAE, i would really appreciate it if you could give me some tips…it would be my first inshaAllah 🙂 Jazakillahu khair.

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