Jalan Bellamy: Where the Locals Make Excellent Ikan Bakar

“Go to Jalan Bellamy and don’t forget to try the ikan bakar!” the taxi driver cheerfully suggested. He seemed pretty excited about suggesting the place, therefore I immediately had my hopes up. A quick Google search had confirmed that people do recommend Jalan Bellamy for excellent grilled seafood. It was our second week in Kuala Lumpur and I wanted to see for myself what the fuss was about.

jalan bellamy

Behind Kuala Lumpur’s grand Istana Negara is a hill that is a seafood lover’s heaven. A cloud of smoke hangs in the air that smells of  belacan or shrimp paste. The place gathers a hungry crowd lured by the delightful sizzle and aroma of barbecued seafood.

My regret is that I did not go to this place more often during my stay. If you’re a first time visitor, just Grab a cab and the driver will know where to take you. There’s actually a spot going uphill where you can get a view of the city. You’ll also drive past impressive mansions that look like they belong to members of the royal family.

There is no dedicated parking spot, therefore the roadside is always lined by cars parked by customers. I find it easiest to get there by cab. Likewise, it was a breeze booking a Grab taxi on the way down to the city center.

The stalls at Jalan Bellamy are permanently wrapped in a cloud of smoke heavy with seafood aroma, therefore picture yourself in a sauna of fumes produced from the grill. I would not recommend this place for lunch if you have to return to your office or school afterward. Your clothes and hair will tell others where you’d been for lunch!

ikan bakar

Nothing fancy here! Just simple, extremely delicious food. 

There’s no concept of table reservations, obviously, therefore come early for lunch. Tables are occupied on a first-come-first-serve basis. When you first arrive head on over to the grill, pick a plate, and select whatever you want from the grill. There are a couple of huge plastic containers for the sauces. Grab a bowl and ladle the sauces you need.

Walk over to where the huge rice cookers are. Scoop as much rice as you need. There’s a nasi campur style buffet on one side. Steamed and sautéed vegetables, chicken curries, fried chicken, fried chicken liver, coconut-based gravies, and so many other dishes make the buffet.

Masood and I obviously looked clueless because when we arrived the nice fellow standing next to the huge grill plate immediately determined that we needed help. This is a self-serve place, however, he took a plate himself, helpfully suggested that we try the grilled tilapia and squid, and filled our plates himself. He also helped us with the sauces.

He was also the only person on the staff that spoke English.

Ikan bakar literally means “burned fish” in Malay and Indonesian. Ikan bakar is an Indonesian or Malaysian dish of charcoal-grilled fish or other forms of seafood. In this case, the name is misleading because the fish is not really charcoal-grilled. Instead, it is cooked on grill pans or hot plates. 

The seafood is marinated and grilled. Bright orange-red chili sauce is splashed on the fish and squid as they roast. We believe it’s this sauce that is the secret that entices and draws the crowd to Jalan Bellamy. I noticed that squid is roasted directly on the pan while fish is wrapped in a banana leaf before being cooked.

You must eat the fish or squid with the sauce, or sambal as they call it. You also must dip your freshly-grilled fish in the soy sauce-calamansi-onion-chili sauce. They all just go together so well! Please note, however, that these sauces are hot. Be careful if you are not used to spicy food.

Masood and I were the only tourists that day. I was the only person taking pictures of the food. So yes, there were a few curious folks discreetly observing us with mild amusement. A couple of very friendly ladies came to ask what we wanted to drink. They did not speak English so there was a bit of a communication problem. Fortunately, we got our drinks correctly. They also calculated our bill by looking at the food in front of us on the table.

The fish was delicious. The skin was burnt to a crisp and the flesh was soft, tender and moist. The squid had a texture not different from chicken, its flesh easily pulled away in stringy yet ever so tender pieces.

Masood does not eat squid; he tried but did not like it. This means I get to eat it all by myself. It’s nice to not have to share sometimes.

These stalls are usually open for lunch and are closed by 3pm. I forgot to ask if they open for dinner. Get here early or you will have to wait for a table! Wear something light and comfy. It gets hot and sticky. Bring a hand sanitizer as well. Order fresh juice with ice to cool yourself. Grab a seat that’s close to an electric fan. Oh, and do try their shrimps, too.

While I do not remember the exact prices, I do recall telling Masood that the prices at the food stalls here aren’t exactly cheap, specially considering that these are self-serve food stalls without air-conditioning. Regardless, the fresh food is worth the price and this is definitely a must-visit place specially for those who love seafood.

Ikan Bakar Medan
Jalan Bellamy,
Bukit Petaling,
50480, Kuala Lumpur

GPS Coordinates: N3 07.835 E101 41.686

For those who live in or have visited Kuala Lumpur, have you tried Ikan Bakar in Jalan Bellamy? How was your experience like? Any tips you’d like to share? I’d love to hear from you!


  1. Hi Nadia !!

    Lovely post …. those little tips and suggestion are surely a huge help for those planning a trip to Malaysia.
    As usual loved all the photos …. as they say “photographs speak thousand words ” and with ur description it seems as if i myself can smell grilled fish sitting at my home and feel that humidity too !!

    1. Hi Sharmila! Thank you so much!

      These food stalls are definitely not the place to be if you’re all made-up and have another appointment afterwards. The humidity does test one’s patience if one is not used to it. But if you’re looking for some seriously delicious seafood, going to Jalan Ballamy for lunch is worth it. Also, I noticed that most folks go there in groups and appear to have so much fun eating together.

    1. Thank you, Londoneya! Your comment on Instagram mentions a type of fish that Egyptians make for spring. I’d love to know more about that!

  2. I was directed here from Simply Humaira, and the moment I saw your blog the words “Jalan Bellamy” caught my eyes. For a moment I thought you were a fellow Malaysian! My husband used to work in an office that’s a short distance from Jalan Bellamy so that was how we knew of it. We LOVE their grilled fishes; my favourite is their grilled stingray, but they grill other seafood so well too. They’re now available in GrabFood, thankfully. Jalan Bellamy is almost half an hour from our house is in our hometown so instead of going there we just wait in the comfort of our home! They used to open up a stall every Ramadhan near where I live but last year they weren’t there so we were so sad, so I’m hoping they’re back this year. Thank you for promoting them on your blog, tourists should definitely check out the ikan bakar there!

    xo, Liyana | The Good Weekender

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment, Liyana! How lucky for you to have access to all those delicious grilled seafood from Jalan Bellamy! I was surprised a lot of tourists didn’t know about this place.

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