Statue of Liberty: Sweet & Slow, Wet & Wild, or Fun & Free?

statue of liberty

You just have to meet her, specially if it’s your first time in New York. Once back home, people who learn that you have been to New York will pose the first question: have you seen the Statue of Liberty? I suppose I succumbed more to this pressure than actual desire or keenness to see the statue.

By the way, if Lady Liberty can so famously represent freedom whilst fully clothed then why are covered Muslimahs viewed as oppressed?

The Tickets:

tickets to the statue of liberty

Back in Boston, I checked online if we could purchase a ticket with access to the crown. Turns out you have to book several months in advance to get this! I just checked the availability again today and the next available date is in September.

“That’s okay,” Masood and I tried to console ourselves, “We can conserve our energy to see the rest of the city if we don’t climb to the crown.” You see, there are 162 narrow and tight steps from the top of the pedestal to the crown. There is no elevator access from the top of the pedestal to the crown platform. That is quite a workout for a tourist who only has two days to spare to see the city!

By the way, we bought the tickets on site for $17 per person ($13 for the ferry and $4 for the audio that we forgot to claim!). Online tickets can be purchased from the Statue Cruises’ website.

Warning: Airport-style security ahead!

security at the statue of liberty

For a brief moment, I felt like I was boarding a flight! The security is complete with those metal detecting gates and X-ray machines for the bags. Shoes, belts and jackets were removed. Pockets were emptied.

It was a hot day so we stayed in the covered, lower deck of the boat while waiting for the rest of the visitors to arrive.


on our way to Stratton island

The Beast:


Wet & Wild

Owner’s description: New York’s only jet-powered thrill boat! The Beast leaves all others in its wake as the Captain takes this custom-built 70-foot offshore racing powerboat up to 45mph on a ride down to the Statue of Liberty.

Some of the positive reviews online include:

“Absolutely hilarious and fun. My (almost) 60 year old mum and I had a brilliant time on the beast. The loud music was great, totally added to the fun and we got close up photos of the Manhattan sky line and statue of liberty.”

“They stop right in front of the statue for photos and then the crew went around to take your photo for you using your own camera. This was probably the best part of the trip. The views and photo ops from the boat are far better than actually on liberty island. As you can’t actually climb the statue at the moment we didn’t even bother with the hassle and long lines going to the island as there was really no point.”

And some weren’t too happy:

“The guys operating this boat will do anything and EVERYTHING to get you soaked…and if the tsunami of toxic waves attacking you aren’t enough, they’ve got super-soakers that they blast the kids with! I wore sunglasses, and they were ZERO protection from the torrential river bursts…my contacts were SATURATED, my eyes were burning, and all I could think of was rushing back to the hotel and de-toxing! Honestly, if you’re a germ-phobe don’t even THINK about this one!”

“For 25 minutes only, there is no time for courtesy here, it’s a ping pong ride to one location, if you wish to experience the true tour of NY, take the traditional boat, the tour is more rich and covers many of NY landmarks over the 90 min duration.”

But we took the regular cruise and enjoyed the slow cruise down River Hudson:


Sweet & Slow






We love this kid!


We were so entertained by how parents were instructing their children to pose in front of the statue! So much excitement.

We strolled around a bit, took photographs, looked back at the famous skyline, then headed back to the ferry.





Meet the Battery Park Eagle:


This bronze eagle is part of the World War II war memorial in Battery Park in New York City. The eagle is set on a pedestal of polished black granite, grips a laurel wreath over a wave—signifying the act of mourning at the watery grave.

This statue was created by Albino Manca, an Italian-born sculptor and was installed on February 4, 1963. The memorial was dedicated by President John F. Kennedy three months later.


Want a free ride? Here’s a tip:

My sister, Sophia and her BFF, Saima ji, told me about this. Instead of paying for the boat ride, climb aboard the Staten Island Ferry. This ferry provides service between St. George on Staten Island and Whitehall Street in lower Manhattan. This basically is designed for the city commuters so it does not really stop at the Liberty Island. However, it sails very close to the island allowing you to enjoy a close-up view of Lady Liberty. And it’s absolutely free! That’s fun and free for you!

Kero, another Dubai blogger, writes about her trip to see the Statue of Liberty here.

Kenneth blogs about how things look beneath Lady Liberty’s dress here.



  1. How exciting! I loved looking at your photographs, great shots of lady liberty!

    Since you mentioned covered Muslimahs, how was the general attitude there towards Muslim women wearing the hijab? And at airport security? Would love to visit the states! And I would definitely take the sweet and slow ride! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, Londoneya!

      I can only speak for the few cities that we have visited and, alhumdulillah, it has been a pleasant experience. As long as we’re friendly, smiling and polite, we’re fine. And this applies to everyone, of course 😀 It was rather surprising how nobody really cared about my veil. Airport security was ok too. I mean, it was strict for everyone. A lady officer would pat my headscarf, but she’d inform me verbally before doing it. But yeah, I was apprehensive while traveling to the states, not sure what to expect but turned out there was nothing to worry about.

  2. First of all, I love the title. And 9th and 10th picture is really pretty for me 🙂
    Reading your experience reminded me of my short ride like this in Turkey. Where they take you on board to show you the sea and Bosphorus Bridge you know? Ah , it was so much fun. By the way, for how long did you stay in USA, Nadia?

      1. I wish you had taken the Jet powered thrill boat though.
        Wow! 6 weeks in USA. I think we should expect alot of stories from you then about that part of the world. Looking forward to read your next post. 🙂
        And as for your question about why Statue of Liberty can be fully clothed but when Muslim women do it , they are considered oppressed. Well, this is where they become narrow minded 😀

        1. You mean, the Beast? Well, a soaked hijabi isn’t a pretty sight 😀 Plus, kaprey napaak hojaaney ka andesha bhi tha. But who knows .. maybe next time!

  3. I am in Love with the photos you have shared. Your experience sounds so amazing, I really wish I could experience the same exciting happenings 🙂 Love your blog.

    1. Thank you so much, Golden Girl! May you have the chance to see the beauty of the world and experience the happiness that traveling brings, ameen 🙂

  4. I really love NYC 😀 Been there several times and would still go back again, always somewhere new to explore. Last time there I did the free ferry with all our students and our principal got on the wrong ferry coming back – students thought it was hilarious. Before that Vick and I did the boat and I enjoyed that too. What else did you do? Would love to read more!

    1. ‘liya, I thought that was hilarious too! 😀

      You are right, there is so much to explore in NYC. It’s such a shame that I only had a weekend to spare (and that includes traveling back and forth to Boston). I’ll post more pictures of the places we’ve seen. Where are you off to this summer?

      1. Would love to go somewhere outside of North America but I think it’s going to be a summer of roadtrips again, so that we can buy some bedroom furniture!

  5. ooh you had a grand time! We took it sweet and slow too because my son will only want to ride a big, big boat. Going to the island, we were on the upper deck. Going back, he stayed on the lower deck watching the Hudson River as we passed by.

    I am so glad you are showing more of Battery Park. Maybe I could spend an hour there just reading the dedications and taking photos! But the children were so hungry now – we finished by lunch time – we walked to Broadway for some street food.

    Great imagery as always, Nadia!

    1. Kero, looks like Little C enjoyed the big boat ride 🙂

      We only had time to explore one side of the Battery Park. I think a tourist should have at least two weeks to enjoy NYC – there’s so much to see and do!

  6. Wowww!
    The pictures are amazing as usual 😀
    Your travelogues are so fun to read, Nadia Baji. As if pictures aren’t enough..you describe the places so excellently.
    I never liked or thought Statue of Liberty to be interesting. I just don’t. Pata nahi why. But now, I do want to visit NYC someday but I would prefer going to London, if I were given a choice between the both :P. London fascinates me for some reason. Have you been there?
    OHhh did u go to the Grand Central at NYC? If yes, I CANT WAIT TO READ ABOUT IT. That place is just GRAND. 😀
    Its always fun to read your posts. 🙂

  7. Thank you so much for your kind words, Miss Maqsood! And welcome back! How did your exams go?

    London and NYC are completely different and both of the are must-visit places in their own, unique ways. Yes, I have been to London. But I liked Oxford much, much better.

    And yes, I did visit the Grand Central station. I was actually more excited to see that than the Statue of Liberty. I clearly informed Masood, “I won’t leave this city until I see the Grand Central station” 😀

    1. Alhamdulilah Exams went well. Pray for the results please? 🙂
      Hope you are doing great. 🙂

      Hahaha nice. 😀 I cannot wait to read about it. (Assuming you are going to blog about it 😛 )

      1. Allah aapko boht hi achey numberoun se pass karey, ameen!

        I am doing great, alhumdulillah. Yes, I will blog about it soon – for you 🙂

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