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Being surrounded by lush green trees, beautiful people, and the excitement of being in a new place is what’s keeping me from blogging these days. Masood and I are in Boston for almost a month now, and I’m enjoying every single moment of my stay here.

It may take me a few more days to get back to my blogging routine as well as reading all the wonderful posts from my favorite bloggers from around the world, however, I will post a few pictures on what I’ve been up to lately.



Masood and I are going crazy about how much cheaper branded clothing items and cosmetics are in the US as compared to the UAE! The picture above was taken at Wrentham Village Premium Outlet Mall. This place is almost an hour drive away from Boston but totally worth the visit!

Another thing that I am very impressed with is the quality of customer service here. The sales associates will always greet you with a smile, ask how you’re doing, are very helpful and polite. I was telling Masood we should send some of these nice people over to train our sales associates in the UAE.



In the beginning it was pretty annoying: the speed limit on most roads is akin to walking and it really tested my patience. Most roads (including those with speed limits of 65 miles/hour) do not have street lights so it gets completely dark at night. Also, the rule of turning left on a junction on a green light felt so strange. I mean, you take a left turn only when the light is green, however there’s also traffic coming from the other road, so you position yourself to turn left but wait for the oncoming traffic to clear up.

After a few days, however, we finally got used to it. It has come to a point where we are actually enjoying driving in the US. Most of the drivers are very courteous. I haven’t seen anyone flash their headlights or honk their horns impatiently on the roads.



It’s hard bring a Muslim in the US because you can’t simply go to any restaurant and order whatever you feel like eating. Sure, there are halal restaurants, but it’s when I’m truly hungry (and craving for a big chunk of sirloin steak) that I miss the UAE. It broke my heart, a few days ago, when I bought a gorgeous piece of cheesecake but couldn’t eat it because it contained beef gelatin.

Vegetarian pizzas are very good though, much better than what we have in the UAE. When we ordered our first pizza here, we were shocked at the huge size.


I’ve been eating a lot of seafood lately. The picture above was my dinner a few days ago, at a halal restaurant in Waltham (Moody Street). This place is our favorite.



This may sound strange to some of you, but I have never seen blue potato chips up until a few days ago. I was so fascinated I took pictures! These were the complimentary chips we got aboard JetBlue airlines. For those who haven’t had blue chips before: they taste just like your regular potato chips.



Masood has family in Houston. We went to visit them a couple of weeks ago, and it was during this brief visit that we got invited to attend a very lavish engagement party. Even though I was meeting everyone for the first time, it was a fun evening.



Masood and I are mainly here for work. The picture above is just one part of the building where our offices are located. The place is nice and quiet, and our home is just 5-minute walk away. It is such a great relief not having to drive back and forth to work.


Our home away from home. It’s a very lovely place – furnished apartment, complete with kitchen utensils (although I rarely cook here). Someone comes to clean our room once a week and the washing machines/dryers are located ten feet away. So that even though we go to office every day and there’s so much to accomplish, I hardly feel tired because I don’t have any house work to do.




This is my latest obsession. I eat this hummus every single day with almost everything. Masood is amazed at how I am not actually getting tired of eating this same stuff with every meal.

I am also obsessed with orange juice here. Not sure why, but OJ here tastes much better than what we have in the UAE.

Oh, and I’m suddenly obsessed about buying cosmetics here. I bought a Bobby Brown liquid foundation a few weeks ago but my skin reacted to it so I went reluctantly back to the mall to return it. They actually took the used product back without asking any questions!

US has an amazing return policy that should totally be implemented in the UAE! Anyway, so I returned the product back and bought another foundation. Unfortunately, my skin reacted to that too, so I had to return it as well. I felt so bad returning the product, but the sales associate was like, “Hey, don’t worry about it!” I finally asked the nice lady at Sephora to give me a couple of samples to try first so that I don’t have to return a whole bottle.

I have so many pictures, food, and stories to share with you. I am now traveling to New Jersey (still work related) but I’ll try to ease back into blogging more regularly now.


  1. So finally you blogged about US! I was wondering why you aren’t uploading anything yet.

    Wow, those blue chips, they dont look delicious .. eww. Karwaey karway lagte hain dekhne se.
    I hope u have a great stay there 🙂 all the best.

  2. Awh! It’s so fun to read a different perspective of things that are completely normal to me. Although every since I’ve been driving, I prefer to turn left on the turn signal rather than position myself in the middle of the road & wait on the straight traffic…doesn’t seem as safe! The halal/haram issue is a big deal, but you get used to it. Plus in a city like Boston there’s plenty of halal restaurants so that helps. And lol @ return policies! Perks of ‘Amreeka’ :p

    Anyhow, I hope you enjoy the rest of your trip here in USA! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, Maria! I agree with you – I also do prefer left turns that have signals. And while we are on the topic of traffic and road, I must say that not having to deal with roundabouts in the US make driving so much more pleasurable 🙂

      Regarding the halal food issue, it’s just that Dubai has spoilt us with options 😀

  3. Yup that’s the States!
    I was waiting for your first post about your trip! How long are you guys working there? Boston is a great central location to get around to other places. I’m enjoying your reactions, waiting for more 😀

    Oh and home looks lovely!

    1. ‘liya, we stayed there for 6 weeks – working 5 days a week and then trying to make the most of the weekends. It was such a busy, fun and crazy trip – loved every single day we were day!

    1. Hey Art! We did have a wonderful trip, thank you. We were there for 6 weeks. We have returned to the UAE a week ago, tired and with 2 extra suitcases, haha 😀

  4. I randomly came across your blog via google searching – very cute! Have you moved to the States? This post was funny because we often forget how different little things seem to other people. I felt somewhat of the same stuff when I went to visit the Middle East recently. My inlaws are from Pakistan and it was my first time in Lahore this year.. that was definitely interesting!
    Would love to hear more about your experience 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, Shaza! And welcome to the blog!!! No, we haven’t moved to the States. We were there for work (for 6 weeks).

      I haven’t been to Lahore yet and I would love to read your experience!

  5. hello, Nadia… ay, you’re in the US. your house looks maganda and comfy. btw, most people i know who have been to Boston says it’s a very clean, orderly and gentile (uhuh) community… you seem to be enjoying yourself. btw, what’s Sabra hummus, something like yughurt? 😉 keep well, you and Masood…

    1. Thank you, ‘San! Yep, our little home was pretty and very comfortable. I loved how I didn’t have to clean up the place and specially how fresh towels are placed in the bathroom every week 😀

      I haven’t seen the rest of the US, but I definitely love Boston. It is clean, green, and the people are so nice. A bulk of the population is students so when you have so many young people, you get that fun, exciting vibe. There’s also a lot of tourist (both local and foreign).

      Hummus is a Middle Eastern dip/spread that is made of chickpeas. You should try it sometimes, it’s really good!

  6. Finalllllyyy!!
    Your apartment loooks soooo nice, neat and cleann masha’Allah 😀 . Its great that you people get to travel so much, must be hectic as well but i guess as long as you love and enjoy it its good. 🙂
    Blue aalo chips, ehhh, looks ajeeb jale hue lekin alooo is always yum yum!
    Luckyy you with the foundations 😀
    Enjoy your stay, waiting for your next post. Take care :*

    1. Thank you, Miss Maqsood!

      Well, it definitely was hectic because we were working full time, five days a week while we were there. But we still tried to squeeze in as much fun-time as possible 🙂

      You know what, our apartment was really close to our office, like a mere 10-minute walk. And since there wasn’t any driving involved (unlike here in the UAE, where we spend more than 80 minutes of driving each day, back and forth to work), we didn’t feel tired and still had a lot of energy to go shopping after work 😀

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