Will You Marry Me … Again?

Everyone in the building knows their story.  It started out a little over three years ago when the residents welcomed a newly married couple, enthralled to begin their new lives together.  The couple had both been working in the Gulf for quite sometime, met each other through mutual friends, fell in love, and got married.  He was tall and handsome, and she looked like a precious porcelain doll.

And just like any other married couple, they disagreed.  And argued.  And fought. Until one fine day, they mutually decided that they had irreconcilable differences.  And divorced.  But they remained in the same building, albeit different apartments.

Not long after, however, it dawned on him that he can’t live without her.  That her absence left a void in his heart.  That life had lost its meaning.  So he met her one day, in public, and confessed his love.  Then he proposed.  Again.  And with tears in her eyes, she gladly accepted.  Again.

Except that there’s a problem.  Based on Islamic laws, they can not – after getting legally divorced – just go ahead and get married again.  Allah abhors divorce, so much so that strict rules and guidelines have been laid out so that couples – specially men – think a thousand times before divorcing their wives.

Then someone suggested halala or tahleel (or temporary) marriage to them.  This ignorant person made it sound so simple, as if going out for a stroll in the park.  “Find someone who could marry her,” he advised, “then after consummating that marriage, he would simply divorce her, and you two could re-marry!”  Desperate to get re-united, they agreed that this was the best idea, turning a blind eye to the fact this is type of marriage is condemned in Islam.

So they set about looking for that man who could marry her temporarily.  And it was very important to find someone who would stick to his words and indeed divorce her the next day.  It wasn’t an easy task, and it took sometime before they finally found the perfect man for their plan:  their building’s watchman.

Part II


  1. But thats only if he gave her three divorces, and he shouldn’t have done that in the first place. If they both agreed to divorce, why would he have given her three?

  2. I guess in their desperation, they fail to see the enormity of this sin…it’s a lesson to all those who think of divorce as the easiest solution to a troubled marriage.

    1. Sometimes I think: what prompts an angry man to say the words ‘talaq’ so easily to his wife, can it be ego, a way to teach her a ‘lesson’ for making him angry, or to punish her?

  3. Asa. Dear Sister this is to clarify that halalais not a temprary marriage. It is a ful fledge marriage and divorsed couple can only remarry if halalais marriage incidently ends up in divorsed. Putting a temporary condition on halala marriage is not jaiz.

    1. Walaikum Assalam.

      If halala is not temporary marriage, what is it then? The entire concept of halala is to make a “temporary marriage”, usually with an intention to divorce after consummating it so that the woman becomes halal for her ex-husband.

      But if a man plans to marry a woman who has been divorced from a previous marriage WITHOUT the intention of divorcing her or to make her halal for the ex-husband or to remain married for a certain period of time, only then will a nikah become valid. This is NOT halala. This is the nikah ordained to us.

  4. Yeap I know of a true story too just like this and yes it happened in Karachi!

    And I’ve heard from friends who said that this has been going on in Indonesia too… the ignorance of the religion and they are making a mockery out of it… but truly Allah is great..

    I can’t wait to hear the rest of the story! Cause from the ones I know of really they all have unexpected endings!

  5. This is so disgusting that when I read it first I didn’t want to comment! To me, what is more disgusting is WHY the woman would want to go back to the husband after being divorced THREE times from him. What’s wrong with her? How are some women so gullible and brainless? And men so heartless?

    1. This IS utterly disgusting! But I had to post this hoping that it would, inshaAllah, educate someone and prevent another zina from happening.

      I wish I had the answers to your questions 🙁

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