Yamanote Atelier: A Boutique Japanese Bakery

Yamanote DubaiLocated in Al Wasl Square Complex, this tiny yet very adorable bakery is love at first sight with its sweet and bright decor.

This is Yamanote Atelier, Dubai’s first boutique Japanese bakery that opened its door about two months ago. I had read about it once but didn’t pay much attention.

Thanks to Arwa—a friend and very talented blogger who writes La Mère Culinaire—for inviting me to join her for breakfast at Yamanote. She’s a lady with very good taste, so when she suggested this bakery I immediately agreed.

We were at Yamanote when it opened at nine in the morning. By eleven, most of the tables were occupied.

I really like all the nice, bright light coming in through the huge glass windows and the minimal yet tasteful decor.

And you help yourself to the baked goods, much like a buffet style. When you walk in, pick up a parchment paper-lined tray from a stack near the door, grab a pair of tongs, help yourself as you walk around the offerings around the store, and bring up the tray to the counter where you pay the bill. Then they’ll take your tray, ask you to be seated, and serve you your chosen bread or pastry on a flat, square plate.

Fresh, delicious baked goods with generous portions:




Behind-the-scenes, where these delightful products are created with love and hard work:

Allan, the friendly supervisor, showing us their very impressive proofer.
Master Baker Kuni Maeda
Master Baker Kuni Maeda





Yamanote Atelier team
(Left-Right) — Allan (Supervisor), Leo (Baker), Kuni (Head Chef), Taka (Baker), Abideen (Baker), Donald (Baker), Misaki (Baker)

What I ordered:

matcha sconeKiri Croissant


Matcha Scone and Kiri Croissant

Not to sweet and with just the right tenderness with each bite, the matcha scone made my taste buds happy. If it’s your first time to try anything with matcha, you may find the slightest hint of bitterness and grassy taste. Also I can’t help but share with you a little review on matcha I read from Fresh Cup magazine:

First off, matcha is a ground-up powder made from the most expensive tea in Japan, called gyokuro. Gyokuro is sometimes referred to as “shade-grown” tea because part of its growth cycle must take place in the shade; this is one of the reasons it’s so expensive. Another is the fact that pricey, high-nitrogen fertilizer is used, which is the principal reason matcha enjoys such an eye-poppingly brilliant green color. Finally, Japan is one of the smallest and most expensive countries in the world, so production costs are as high as farmland acreage is low.

But its high price isn’t what makes matcha so special. In fact, it’s so special that you generally can’t buy it in a restaurant or store. This is because matcha is used almost exclusively in elaborate, ritualized tea ceremonies that last upwards of three hours—solemn, spiritual affairs deeply tied to the Japanese national character as well as its religious traditions. Matcha is essentially a sacramental tea, rarely consumed outside of ceremony.

Today, in the rest of the world, people are raving about the health benefits of matcha tea.

And while we’re discussing matcha, why don’t you go and see this great-looking Matcha zebra cheesecake with sesame nougatine by Arwa.

The Kiri Croissant, on the other hand, is buttery and melt-in-your-mouth tender. I don’t think I’ve ever had a better tasting croissant in the U.A.E. before!


Epi (baguette dough with turkey bacon and mustard), Almond Croissant, and Dragon Berry Iced Tea.

Overall Impression:

I’m already planning when to visit again! The staff is friendly, attentive, courteous, and knowledgeable. The bakery is clean and bright. The baked goods are all very delicious and freshly made every single morning. And on top of that, leftover bread and pastries are given away to Dubai Charity.



Yamanote Atelier is located in Unit No. 16, Wasl Square, Al Wasl Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Price Range: $$ (10-30)

Hours: Mon – Sun: 9:00 am – 9:00 pm

Phone: 04 388 1811

Yamanote Atelier’s Facebook page.

You can easily find paid parking spaces behind the building.


    1. Oh, what’s this ReviewMe? I’m still at the same job I was almost 5 years ago (not complaining; perfectly happy & satisfied, alhumdulillah!) 😀

      Thank you, my dear. I’ve been thinking about experimenting in the kitchen again. It’s been quite sometime since I’ve lasted posted a recipe. I’ve been taking the easy way by dining out 🙂

      1. am about to cook something too and post. infact its being marinated in the fridge . Am jus too lazy to blog now and too busy in thesis. I just blog in head and pretend that it went a hit.
        Am I not a genius. Lol

      1. ei, the fare (and the expenses)to Dubai is lower, hehe. there are promo flights to UAE… Japan is expensive, my sisters told me in no uncertain terms, hehe .

        hala, you don’t know the things i’d do for a crunchy, delish and good-smelling croissant, hahaha. 🙂 btw, when would you be back to Dubai? nakabalik ka na?

        1. Ganun ba? That is surprising, considering the distance. But yeah, I am hearing about this Cebu Pacific promo a lot these days 😀

          Yep, I’m back home na – super delayed nga lang sa pag po-post ng Kashmir stories ko.

          1. hello, dear. a, yes, expensive daw ang Japan, lalo pa pag Tokyo. para raw sa New York? sabi nila… cheaper in other Japanese cities daw, but higher still than Dubai or Qatar (the cheapest one plate meal is at least P160, equivalent to a dish in roadside eatery that costs P35, hihi). and the train tickets are skyhigh, they say… i guess, UAE costs lower because of state subsidies, excuse me po. ^^ but i’d like to go visit Dubai and Qatar one fine, long day, hehe, those cities sound and appear prosperous, ahaha. senga? 🙂

            your India stories are always fun to listen to and to look at. ayyy, rest ka muna… natuwa pala ako, nagta-Tagalog ka. happy weekend, dear 🙂

            1. Well, yes … food and train tickets are definitely cheaper here (as compared to Japan, not the Philippines) but everything else is more or less expensive. I haven’t been to Qatar, but I’ll make sure you’ll have a nice time in the UAE when you come here 🙂

              Oh, I’m done resting, hehe. It’s back to work time for me now. Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

  1. I’ve heard such great things about Yamanote from Japanese friends. Their croissants are exceptional apparently. I recall from my visit to Japan their baked goodies are not too sweet which really appeals as I don’t have much of a sweet tooth. Great review thanks for sharing 🙂 x

    1. Thank you, FooDiva. Well, a few baked items were a little too sweet for me but most of them (their famous croissants included, yay!) are not.

  2. I have always loved reading your reviews; it was you who inspired me to write more about what I thought about places I visited. This place looks delish.

  3. it’s tiny and adorable and Japanese-clean and cute. and, with the aroma of freshly-baked breads, perfect for an intimate chat with a friend. and, the red iced tea looks like i could drink three glasses of – come on, Nadia! you come around to tell us this is just one of your days, you… 🙂

    how do you expect the rest of us to carry on after reading posts like this, huh? since the day i read this, i’d always look at the pastry shops here as drabs, haha. the Yamanote Atelier will always be in my mind to remind that a date with a friend should measure up to your account of the one here, ahaha. you get me now, don’t ya? 😉

    even the baguette dough with turkey bacon looks delicious, more than 5000 miles away. you are being unkind, my dear… 🙂 hugs

    1. “…you come around to tell us this is just one of your days” Haha! Yeah, right. I do NOT normally get out of the bed and drive to meet someone for breakfast.

      I do not agree that your pastry shops there are drabs. I’m sure there are some really fancy ones in the city 😀

      1. a, basta, it’s always delightful to have breakfast out with a friend… 🙂

        haha, yes, there are several excellent ones. they’re a bit pricey, though. but then, if it’s not too often and with a dear friend, why, always a pleasure, hehe.

        btw, Nadia, did you change your URL name from Nadia only to Nadiaadia. ’cause that’s how they appear on your comments recently… just checking. cheers! 🙂

        1. Yep, it’s worth splurging on a meal if you’re with a good friend.

          That name is probably a mistake when I was typing and doing something else, haha. Thank you for pointing that out though. I’ll check what’s happening 🙂

  4. i was enjoying last week at yamanote; actually i don’t have plan to go their, i was around at al wasl square i found that baker everything was fabulous. will visit again as soon as possible.

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