Liebeskind Vintage Bag

Zora: A Liebeskind Berlin Bag

Lieberskind Dubai

A bag that is incredibly soft yet durable, just the right size, very pretty Pistachio color, and smells wonderfully of new leather — this is what I won last Thursday through a competition ran by Dubai fashion blogger, Samantha Francis, author of Style Is Necessity.

 100% cow leather bag

This is Zora, from Liebeskind Berlin’s Vintage collection. It is described by its creators as slightly romantic but with a modern charm. The bag is made of 100% cow-leather, designed and carefully crafted in Germany.

 Liebeskind Vintage Bag

I don’t have a big collection of bags; I may have five or six right now but this one’s clearly the prettiest (and softest) of them all. The look and feel of this bag exude luxury, style and comfort.

I like how both sides of the bag appear to be the right side. I just pick it up and don’t have to think which one’s the front side. Does that even make sense? This is why I stay out of fashion blogging and stick to food and travel.

I also like how the bag is just the right size and weight for me. It’s quite light in weight but has a lot of space inside. And the twisted handles are so cute! Also, the bag comes with a detachable strap/belt that is adjustable.


Liebeskind Berlin has emerged as a casual but elegant brand. They are originally located in the heart of Kreuzberg, where they design and create modern handbags, shoes and matching accessories, of all types of leather.

They opened their first store in the U.A.E. just last Thursday, at Deira City Centre Level 1.


The store has various bags to suit different personalities and tastes. The collection of bags are simple enough for everyday wear but boast the kind of details that make a bag look very expensive — the buttery-soft leather, beautifully covered zipper pulls, chunky handles, metallic weaving, etc.

liebeskind bags dubai

When I went in the store to collect my bag, I was asked if I was also a fashion blogger. I found that question so funny for some reason. And I suppose they were equally surprised when I told them I was a food and travel blogger. I’m certain they hadn’t expected that!

Liebeskind in deira city centre

Just a disclaimer of sorts: I had won this bag in a blog competition and wasn’t in any way asked to review or endorse the brand or their products. I am sharing this because a) winning is always exciting, b) the product is so good it deserves to be endorsed, and c) to see if I can actually write about something that is inedible.

If you’re in Dubai, you might want to head over Liebeskind Berlin and check out their bags and accessories at Deira City Centre.


  1. Well done you! I love new bags and enjoyed reading your review.

    Your last paragraph resonated with me because whenever I’m writing a review I’m wondering if I should make it clear to my readers that I wasn’t commissioned to write it, which makes them trust my honest, independent opinion. But it kind of breaks up the whole atmosphere I’m trying to create in the piece, so I just leave it out. Maybe one could write a disclaimer on the blog…just thinking aloud here, lol.
    Londoneya recently posted..Protests Return to Cairo’s Nasr City District

    1. Thank you, Londoneya!

      With bloggers who review products or establishments, readers often wonder if we get paid for or get freebies for each review post we publish. I’ve been asked this a lot of times. So it’s important to make that clear sometimes. You could either a) write that disclaimer discreetly within the post, you could say that you were vacationing with your family in the hotel, for example, or b) you could write the disclaimer towards the end of the post, in smaller font size if you prefer.

      Some of my restaurant reviews are sponsored that is why I started writing disclaimers, although I’m not 100% consistent in doing so. If I remember, I include the disclaimer. Otherwise, I would say something like, “I was a guest at the restaurant”.

  2. congrats! hey, you did not shop for the bag, you bagged it from a competition, say… it’s pretty, Nadia.
    i i like the color and am sure it matches your simple yet elegant taste. ikaw na… inakala kong nag-shopping ka (you said before you seldom do that, rarely…)

    btw, your pics are cool as usual. am sure the store sales will get a boost, ahaha. 😉
    doon po sa amin recently posted..Ang ugat ay siya ring bunga

    1. Thank you, ‘San!

      That was a long time ago, when I said I rarely go out shopping. Thing is, I have changed and therefore need some matching footwear and accessories to go with this bag, haha!

  3. That’s such a cute bag! The “buttery-soft leather” gives a timeless feel to bags I think, which is great for how much they get used. And you can surely write about inedible things!

    By the way, not sure if your RSSreader will automatically update, but I thought I’d let you know I finally got around to changing my URL to SonrisaMaria! I wouldn’t want to lose my sole loyal reader 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, sis!

      It’s not my RSS reader, it’s me 😀 I’ve been too disorganized to blog as well as read all the lovely blogs I have subscribed to.

      InshaAllah, I have a bit more time in Ramadan, so will visit your blog 🙂

  4. Congrats! It’s always fun to win stuff and that purse is just lovely!
    Last year, I won a big box of cookies and i was over the moon…lol. So, i know how excited you must be 🙂

    1. Thank you, Abeer! You are right! You know, it doesn’t even matter if the prize is small or big … winning is always exciting 🙂

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